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Re-branding identical products

It is not necessary to re-test a product that is identical with a previously registered product.

Variants of a Qi Certified product may be certified without re-testing if the variant is technically identical and has exactly the same shape. This "substantially similar product certification" enables selling the same product under a different brand. All variants must be registered in the Qi Certified Product Database. Each variant receives its own Qi-ID.

Substantially similar registration must be used only for re-branding (different color, different print, different brand name, or different type number). Other changes are not allowed.

Re-testing is required when the shape of the housing changed, or when a power connector is replaced (e.g. USB-A with USB-C), or when the material of the charger's surface is changed.

We recommend the use of an embedded Qi Certified subsystem when the shape of the product is different or the surface material is different.

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How to check that a product is Qi Certified

How to check that a product is Qi Certified

To be certain that a product has been tested to Qi certification standards, search for it in our database.