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Qi wireless charging everywhere? It’s coming.

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WPC expands its industry leading membership as wireless charging unifies around the Qi standard

Milestone represents strong momentum for expanding ecosystem and commitment to Qi Certified products.
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Benefits of Qi Wireless Charging

One of the things we hear the most after consumers use Qi wireless charging for the first time is, “it’s so simple” or “how did I go without wireless charging before?” Most people don’t realize the convenience of wireless charging until they use it throughout their daily life.
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SFO, Nov 16

Qi Developer Conference

A series of lectures by world-leading experts on the design of wireless power products - designing and testing for safety, efficiency and compatibility.

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SFO, 17 Nov

Wireless Power Tradeshow

Exhibition and series of presentations about products, components, test equipment, and services - 5 Watt, 15 Watt, 60 Watt, 2400 Watt.

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What is wireless charging?

Energy Aware

Wireless charging eliminates battery anxiety because it’s built into our daily lives.

Cable free

Tangled, incompatible power cords disappear with wireless power charging technology.

Future proof

Wireless power charging is energizing a world of convenience for many consumer products.

What's Your Qi?


Qi removes the cables and hassle of charging. It's in hundreds of electronics - and growing.

Partners and markets

The Wireless Power Consortium created Qi - an open, universal charging standard.


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Qi wireless charging everywhere? It’s coming.

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Wireless Power Consortium Names Paul Golden as Vice President of Market Development

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