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Trademark Licenses

The Qi Logo and Qi Name are Registered Trademarks

The symbol  Qi Logo and the name "Qi" are registered trademarks in many jurisdictions. Use of these trademarks requires a license. Members of the Wireless Power Consortium can license the Qi symbol for use on their products.

You Need a License to Use the Qi Logo

Before using the Qi logo on your products, packaging or marketing materials, you must first obtain a trademark license. Terms and conditions for the Qi trademark license are defined in our Trademark License Policy.

The trademark license is granted only for products that are visible in the Qi Certified Product Database. A product is not licensed to have the Qi logo if you cannot find a product in this database.You need to identify an exact match for brand name, type number, and picture. No match? Not licensed!

Logo Display Guidelines

WPC logos must always be used according to the Logo Display Guidelines. Any and all user-created additions, deletions or modifications to any part of a WPC logo are strictly forbidden.

"Qi" References

Wireless Power Consortium, Inc. (WPC) owns trademark rights in the trademark "Qi" in numerous jurisdictions around the globe. Members may accurately describe their Registered Products as certified to the applicable WPC specification (e.g, “Qi certified”) in accordance with the Trademark License Policy, but WPC does not grant any other rights to use the names of its specifications, such as “Qi”. Unless otherwise permitted by applicable law, there is no other affirmative right to use WPC’s specifications names in connection with products.

Parties may refer to WPC’s Trademark License Policy and its Logo Display Guidelines. for more detail.

Understanding "Fully-Compliant System"

Qi transmitter products described as a “fully compliant subsystem” are designed for integration into broader products, such as furniture and vehicles. Under certain conditions, manufactures may include the Qi logo on these systems without signing the Qi logo trademark license agreement.

See clause 2.4 of the Trademark License Policy for full details.

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Become a member

Become a member

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How to check that a product is Qi Certified

How to check that a product is Qi Certified

To be certain that a product has been tested to Qi certification standards, search for it in our database.