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Understanding Qi Patent Licenses

Because some products that use our wireless power specifications may infringe patents owned by members and non-members, patent licenses may be needed on your Qi-compliant products. View our IPR Policy for full details.

Here are a few highlights:

Low Power Receivers are Royalty Free

For low power receivers (consumer products like a phone or battery capable of receiving no more than 5 Watts from a wireless power transmitter) the WPC IPR policy does not permit members to charge royalties for patents that are essential for implementing the Qi standard.

WPC IPR Policy requires members to license essential patents for other products on RAND terms

WPC members have agreed to license their essential patents for the implementation of the Qi standard for all other products on reasonable and non-discriminatory (RAND) terms and conditions.

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Become a member

Become a member

By joining the WPC you will become a key player in shaping and advancing wireless power standards. WPC members gain invaluable insights to compete more successfully and lead the charge in introducing cutting-edge wireless power transfer products to the market.

How to check that a product is Qi Certified

How to check that a product is Qi Certified

To be certain that a product has been tested to Qi certification standards, search for it in our database.