Unplugged Revolution: The Media Frenzy Over the New Qi v2.0 Wireless Charging Standard
March 2024

Unplugged Revolution: The Media Frenzy Over the New Qi v2.0 Wireless Charging Standard

by Paul Golden

Qi2, the much-anticipated magnetic power profile version of the Qi v2.0 standard with its faster charging, higher energy efficiency and greater convenience, has been making waves in the tech industry since it was first announced as coming at CES 2023, with numerous news outlets and industry experts highlighting its impact. It seems only right then that CES 2024 served as the unofficial coming out party for Qi2. Tech media eagerly reported on the many new Qi2 devices and the halls of CES were covered with Qi2 signage. 

Many of the Wireless Power Consortium’s members made a splash at CES where they showcased their Qi2 Certified products. In the WPC booth, we showcased Qi2 products from Aircharge, Anker, Apple, Belkin, Mophie and Scosche, as well as Qi2 components from Indie Semiconductor and Convenient Power. Media outlets came out in droves to interview the Wireless Power Consortium and our members which has added to the plethora of promotional reports and videos on all things Qi2.

If you missed CES 2024 and weren’t able to see Qi2 Certified devices in person, and maybe haven’t kept up on the Qi2 news, fear not – we’ve compiled a summary of some of the key media reports and videos (both pre- and post-CES) that you need to check out to get up to speed on all things Qi2:

  • “The Wireless Power Consortium, which manages the charging protocol, announced the next-generation version called Qi2 in early 2023, and we're finally starting to see devices supporting it. It promises perfect alignment, with the potential for accessories to bridge the Android and iPhone divide.” Read more.
  • “Recently, the Wireless Power Consortium, the standards body behind Qi, announced an updated version of the technology called Qi2 that promises improvements in every regard.” Read more.
  • “ESR has also got users covered on their daily drive. The world’s 1st Qi2 car charger is an upgrade on their best-selling car charger for MagSafe, and its Qi2 Certification ensure safe and reliable 15W fast wireless charging for iPhones.” Read more.
  • “The latest chargers from ESR shown at CES provide 15W Qi2 wireless charging for home, work, in the car, and travel.” Read more.
  • “Qi2 (Chee Two) shows magnetic appeal at CES.” Read more.
  • “Wireless charging is about to get a huge change, and it’s all thanks to the Qi2 standard. While there are precious few phones that support the standard right now, it won’t be long before that changes. Naturally the accessory makers of the world want to be ready for that day, and they’ve brought all their Qi2 products to Las Vegas forCES 2024.” Read more.
  • “CES 2024 Tech that Matters: Qi2, Smart Home, Wi-Fi 7, and Vision Pro!” Read more.
  • “Discover the breakthrough in wireless charging with Anker's latest Qi 2 battery packs! Offering rapid 15W charging and an impressive 10,000 mAh capacity, these packs redefine charging convenience for iPhone 13, 14, and 15 users.” Read more.

This list is just a brief summary of all of the buzz surrounding Qi2. And with nearly a billion Qi2 devices projected to be in market within the next year, there will be plenty more buzz to come. 

If you want to stay fully charged (yes, pun intended) on all things Qi2, make sure to “like” and follow Qi on X (formally known as Twitter) and Facebook, and, of course, add the official Qi website as a favorite site on your preferred web browser: https://www.chargewithqi.com




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How to check that a product is Qi Certified

How to check that a product is Qi Certified

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