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Qi-ID Brand Name Product Name Type Type Number Reg. Date
2169U-WAYQi Wireless Charging ANTI-IMPACT Shield for iPhone 6S/6RxMFIR2-1135Sep 12, 2017
2168U-WAYQi Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 6s/6RxMFIR2-1136Aug 11, 2017
2105HaierWireless Charging Case for iphone6S/6RxWCR-601B/G/RJun 15, 2017
1678Mediatek Inc.RT3180 Wireless Power Receiver For iPhone 6 Plus SleeveRx0001Jun 12, 2017
1940mophieCharge Force Battery for OtterBox uniVERSERxPWSTION-CF-OTR-IPApr 13, 2017
1941mophieCharge Force Adapter for OtterBox uniVERSERxADPTR-CF-OTR-IPFeb 21, 2017
1867U-WAYMacaron -Qi Mini Wireless Charging Receiver for iphone 6s/6RxIP5R2-636QNov 22, 2016
1865U-WAYQi Wireless Charging Utra Slim Jacket for iPhone 6S/6RxMF6R2-1104Nov 7, 2016
1841ZENSQi wireless Charging case for Iphone6/6sRxZEI602B/00Oct 25, 2016
1787BMWWireless Charging Sleeve for iphone6 / 6SRx2412402Sep 5, 2016
1779U-WAYQi Wireless Charging Clip for iPhone 6/6sRxIPHR2-648QMAug 16, 2016
1778U-WAYQi ANTI-Impact Charging Case for iPhone 6/6SRxIP6R2-00218Aug 16, 2016
1682U-WAYQi Wireless Charging Ultra Slim Jacket for iPhone 6S/6RxMF6QR-1104Jul 13, 2016
1681BMWWireless Charging Sleeve for iphone6 plus / 6S plusRx2412403Jun 20, 2016
1520AirchargeKWP-209RxReceiverMay 13, 2016
1634mophiejuice pack wireless for iPhone 6 plus & 6s plusRxJPW-IP6PMay 11, 2016
1633mophiejuice pack wireless for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6sRxJPRW-IP6May 11, 2016
1619Devant Technologies,IncSteam Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 6s & iPhone 6Rx700-00024XApr 27, 2016
1510RATTANBeaver WPC RXRxFF05-05BBFeb 18, 2016

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