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Qi Certified Product Database

This database contains all products that are Qi Certified. The default search will only show products that are compliant with the latest version of the Qi specification.  
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Qi-ID Brand Name Product Name Type Type Number Reg. Date
569SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS S Charger CoverRxEP-CN900xxxOct 14, 2013
570SAMSUNG ELECTRONICSS View Cover WirelessRxEF-TN900BBE, EF-T...Oct 14, 2013
573SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS S View Cover WirelessRxEF-TN900BWU, EF-T...Oct 14, 2013
574SAMSUNG ELECTRONICSS View Cover WirelessRxEF-TN900BWR, EF-T...Oct 14, 2013
575SAMSUNG ELECTRONICSS View Cover WirelessRxEF-TN900BWP, EF-T...Oct 14, 2013
577SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS S View Cover WirelessRxEF-TN900BWK, EF-T...Oct 14, 2013
578SAMSUNG ELECTRONICSS View Cover WirelessRxEF-TN900BWT, EF-T...Oct 14, 2013
600Samsung ElectronicsS Charger COVERRxEP-CN900IWE, EP-C...Oct 22, 2013
603Samsung ElectronicsS Charger COVERRxEP-CN900IWU, EP-C...Oct 22, 2013
604Samsung ElectronicsS Charger COVERRxEP-CN900IWR, EP-C...Oct 22, 2013
605Samsung ElectronicsS Charger COVERRxEP-CN900IWP, EP-C...Oct 22, 2013
606Samsung ElectronicsS Charger COVERRxEP-CN900IWK, EP-C...Oct 22, 2013
607Samsung ElectronicsS Charger COVERRxEP-CN900IWT, EP-C...Oct 22, 2013
608PanasonicPower Receiver Control ICRxAN32258Oct 23, 2013
625Samsung ElectronicsS Chager CoverRxEP-CN900IBCNov 18, 2013
626Samsung ElectronicsS Charger CoverRxEP-CN900IWCNov 18, 2013
627Samsung ElectronicsS View Cover WirelessRxEF-TN900BBCNov 18, 2013
628Samsung ElectronicsS View Cover WirelessRxEF-TN900BWCNov 18, 2013
638PrimaxTX Wireless ChargerTx50-64404Nov 21, 2013
642TOSHIBATC7761WBG-EVMRxTC7761WBG-EVM-001Dec 4, 2013
675U-WAYWireless Power Rx ModuleRxUNIRX-882QJan 16, 2014
691SAMSUNG ELECTRO-MECHANICS C...Wireless Qi Insert for Samsung GALAXY S4RxSDWC-149Feb 11, 2014
692SAMSUNG ELECTRO-MECHANICS C...Wireless Qi Insert For Samsung GALAXY S3RxSDWC-139Feb 11, 2014
693SAMSUNG ELECTRO-MECHANICS C...Wireless Qi Insert For Samsung GALAXY Note 2RxSDWC-129Feb 11, 2014
696LG ElectronicsWireless Charging CoverRxCCF-335Feb 17, 2014
703SanDisk CorporationMobile Mate ReceiverRxSDWC-129Feb 21, 2014
704SanDisk CorporationMobile Mate ReceiverRxSDWC-139Feb 21, 2014
705SanDisk CorporationMobile Mate ReceiverRxSDWC-149Feb 21, 2014
711Samsung ElectronicsS Charger CoverRxEP-CG900IBC / EP-...Feb 28, 2014
712Samsung ElectronicsS Charger CoverRxEP-CG900IBE / EP-...Feb 28, 2014
713Samsung ElectronicsS Charger CoverRxEP-CG900IBK / EP-...Feb 28, 2014
714Samsung ElectronicsS Charger CoverRxEP-CG900IBP / EP-...Feb 28, 2014
715Samsung ElectronicsS Charger CoverRxEP-CG900IBR / EP-...Feb 28, 2014
716Samsung ElectronicsS Charger CoverRxEP-CG900IBT / EP-...Feb 28, 2014
717Samsung ElectronicsS Charger CoverRxEP-CG900IBU / EP-...Feb 28, 2014
718Samsung ElectronicsS Charger Cover WirelessRxEP-VG900BBC / EP-...Feb 28, 2014
722Samsung ElectronicsS Charger Cover WirelessRxEP-VG900BBR / EP-...Feb 28, 2014
723Samsung ElectronicsS Charger Cover WirelessRxEP-VG900BBT / EP-...Feb 28, 2014
725Samsung ElectronicsS Charger Cover WirelessRxEP-VG900BBE / EP-...Feb 28, 2014
726Samsung ElectronicsS Charger Cover WirelessRxEP-VG900BBP / EP-...Feb 28, 2014
727Samsung ElectronicsS Charger Cover WirelessRxEP-VG900BBK / EP-...Feb 28, 2014
741U-WAYMacaron - Qi USB to Micro USB Mini Receiver with 12cm Cable(WPC 1.1.2)RxUNICR-619QFFeb 18, 2016
742U-WAYMacaron - Qi Mini Receiver(WPC 1.1.2)RxUNICR-618QFFeb 18, 2016
743U-WAYMacaron - Qi Micro USB Mini Dongle with 12cm Cable(WPC 1.1.2)RxUNICR-617QFFeb 19, 2016
744U-WAYMacaron - Qi USB to Lightning Mini Wireless Charging ReceiverRxIP5CR-637QMFeb 19, 2016
745U-WAYMacaron - Qi Mini Wireless Charging Receiver (V1.1.2)RxIP5CR-636QMFeb 19, 2016
777MediaTekMT3188RxEVBMar 28, 2014
783LG ElectronicsQuick Cover WindowRxCCF-290Apr 4, 2014
784LG ElectronicsWireless Charging CoverRxWCC-310Apr 4, 2014
787Samsung ElectronicsS Charger CoverRxEP-CG900xxxApr 7, 2014

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