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Qi-ID Brand Name Product Name Type Type Number Reg. Date
2241U-WAYMagic Pocket Qi Wireless Charging PocketTxUNIQT-1037Sep 22, 2017
2240U-WAYBig Magic Wallet Qi Wireless Charging WalletTxUNIQT-1036Sep 22, 2017
2239U-WAYSmall Magic Wallet Qi Wireless Charging WalletTxUNIQT-1034Sep 22, 2017
2238U-WAYi-Blade Qi Wireless Charging PadTxUNIQT-1029Sep 22, 2017
2148FlexWireless ChargerTxSG*Sep 22, 2017
2211GeneralplusGPMQ9019BTxGPMQ9019BSep 22, 2017
2193CHOETECHwireless chargerTxT511Sep 22, 2017
2210LG Smart PhoneV30RxLG-H930KSep 19, 2017
2209LG Smart PhoneV30RxLG-H930GSep 19, 2017
2208LG Smart PhoneV30RxLG-H930DSSep 19, 2017
2207LG Smart PhoneV30RxLG-H930Sep 19, 2017
2206LG Smart PhoneV30RxLG-H933Sep 19, 2017
2205LG Smart PhoneV30RxLG-H931Sep 19, 2017
2204LG Smart PhoneV30RxLG-AS998Sep 19, 2017
2203LG Smart PhoneV30RxLG-LS998Sep 19, 2017
2202LG Smart PhoneV30RxLG-US998Sep 19, 2017
2201LG Smart PhoneV30RxLG-VS996Sep 19, 2017
2200LG Smart PhoneV30RxLG-H932PRSep 19, 2017
2199LG Smart PhoneV30RxLGM-V300SSep 19, 2017
2198LG Smart PhoneV30RxLGM-V300KSep 19, 2017
2227Samsung ElectronicsGalaxy S8 ActiveRxSM-G892USep 18, 2017
2177ENERGEAFast Wireless Car ChargerTxWiMountSep 14, 2017
2175ENERGEAFast wireless chargerTxWiDiscSep 14, 2017
2033Samsung ElectronicsGalaxy S8 ActiveRxSM-G892ASep 14, 2017
2194CONTINENTAL1714380Tx1714380Sep 13, 2017
2219Zens15W Fast Wireless ChargerTxZESC07B/00Sep 12, 2017
2218ZensFast Wireless ChargerTxZESC06B/00Sep 12, 2017
2217ZensWireless Charging Hand BagTxZEPB02B/00Sep 12, 2017
2216ZensWireless car chargerTxZECC02B/00Sep 12, 2017
2171U-WAYSlide Reverse- Wireless Charging Case for iPhone7RxMFIQR-1122Sep 12, 2017
2169U-WAYQi Wireless Charging ANTI-IMPACT Shield for iPhone 6S/6RxMFIR2-1135Sep 12, 2017
2176ENERGEA2 Coils Fast Wireless ChargerTxWiDockSep 7, 2017
2179Renault Samsung MotorsL38 Wireless ChargerTx8201716768Sep 7, 2017
2144ZensCharger ReceiverRxZEAD01B/00Sep 7, 2017
2149LG Electronics Inc.LGM-V300L(SMART PHONE)RxLGM-V300LSep 6, 2017
2104LG ElectronicsLG-H932(Smart phone)RxLG-H932Sep 6, 2017
2165iOttieEasy One Touch 4 Qi Wireless Fast Charging MountTxHLCRIO134Sep 6, 2017
2145LG ElectronicsWC910-FCTxWC910-FCSep 6, 2017
2195LairdWCH-183bTxWCH-183bSep 5, 2017
2167cFloatcFloat Qi ChargerTxCFL-3-1-17Aug 30, 2017
2187Samsung ElectronicsGalaxy Note8RxSGH-N473Aug 24, 2017
2186Samsung ElectronicsGalaxy Note8RxOWYAug 24, 2017
2161LairdWCH-183aTxWCH-183aAug 24, 2017
2130Samsung ElectronicsGalaxy Note8RxSM-N950UAug 24, 2017
2178LG-US997U Smart Phone(G6 Plus)G6 PlusRxLG-US997UAug 18, 2017
2173canpowfurniture wireless chargerTxCP6732Aug 18, 2017
2164NXP B.V.15W automotive power transmitterTxWCT-15WTXAUTOAug 18, 2017
2162Renault Samsung MotorsB98 Wireless ChargerTx8201711181Aug 17, 2017
2030Samsung Electronics领世旗舰8RxSM-G9298Aug 11, 2017
2168U-WAYQi Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 6s/6RxMFIR2-1136Aug 11, 2017

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