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Qi Certified Product Database

This database contains all products that are Qi Certified. The default search will only show products that are compliant with the latest version of the Qi specification.  
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Qi-ID Brand Name Product Name Type Type Number Reg. Date
5304SCOSCHEHome & Office DockTxQUSPDec 6, 2018
5302Cellularlinewireless chargerTxWIRELESSPADIPHWDec 6, 2018
5297AMPDAMPD Qi 10A Wireless Charging PadTxAA-QI-10A-BLKDec 6, 2018
5295CulturaWIRELESS CHARGERTx30761Dec 6, 2018
5293OPUS ONEAuto Touch Wireless Car ChargerTxOP-AWC01GL-BKDec 4, 2018
5292ProMiniQiAutoMountTxQi10mDec 4, 2018
5210BLUE2Qi wireless chargerTxL33MDec 4, 2018
5272cirafonwireless chargerTxWPC10-1MJ02Dec 3, 2018
5264BrandNPwireless chargerTxUG110FDec 3, 2018
5263BrandNPwireless chargerTxQX220Dec 3, 2018
5262BrandNPwireless chargerTxQX210Dec 3, 2018
5261DeepDreamVertical Wireless ChargerTxV7Dec 3, 2018
5260ankoIn Car Wireless ChargerTx42706618Dec 3, 2018
5175U-WAYQi Wireless Charging PadTxU05QT-7004Dec 3, 2018
5282IRIVERInfrared induction car Wireless Charger StandTxICW-A100Dec 3, 2018
5119ADAYOCar Wiireless ChargerTxWM-FTC-034Dec 3, 2018
5106ReflectsWireless charging station REFLECTS AMSTERDAMTx52353Dec 3, 2018
5283nedisAutomatic Wireless Charging Phone MountTxCCHAQ10W3BKDec 3, 2018
5197HUERICHWireless ChargerTxHIP-D05ARDec 3, 2018
5161ItianWireless Car ChargerTxJ4276Dec 3, 2018
5128icleverwireless charger transmitterTxP2Dec 3, 2018
5067wopowWireless Charging PadTxHW08Dec 3, 2018
5048CSwireless charger CSSTxwireless charger CSSDec 3, 2018
4787Wireless Power ConsortiumWPC 10 year anniversaryRxWPC10Dec 3, 2018
5258TERRATECChargeAIR upTx257479Nov 29, 2018
5257iHomeWireless Charging PadTxFM-QI1004MNov 29, 2018
5256iHomeWireless Charging PadTxFM-QI1000MNov 29, 2018
5255iHomeWireless Charging PadTxFM-QI1002BDNov 29, 2018
5253ELECOMQi Charger StandTxEC-QS02BKNov 29, 2018
5250BrandNPwireless chargerTxNW170CNov 29, 2018
5245SANWA SUPPLY INC.Qi内蔵机上小物入れTx100-MRPS001BKNov 29, 2018
5209BrandNPwireless chargerTxNW190ANov 29, 2018
5200BrandNPwireless chargerTxNW170FNov 29, 2018
5174comsolWIRELESS CHARGERTxWCD30Nov 29, 2018
5141SACKitWireless Charging Power BankTxCHARGEitNov 29, 2018
5096naztechWireless Power Hub 5Tx14573Nov 29, 2018
5066HONDAWireless ChargerTx08U58-TJB-HM00-A1Nov 29, 2018
4988MiWONWireless power bankTxMW-YLX-1801M     Nov 29, 2018
4516DOAGEASWireless ChargerTxQ96Nov 29, 2018
5243MonopriceMonoprice 2-in-1 Integrated Wireless Charging Pad With Micro B cableTx36336Nov 28, 2018
5241MUVwireless car chargerTxW5Nov 28, 2018
5236TargusWireless ChargerTxAPW002Nov 28, 2018
5232AVLT-Power Inc.10-Port USB & Type-C with Wireless ChargingTxAVLT-CH28-X / 101...Nov 28, 2018
5227U-WAYBaby Square Qi Wireless Charging StandTxU10QT-7010Nov 28, 2018
5207CavalierCavalier AirTxCAV5Nov 28, 2018
5201BrandNPwireless chargerTxNW190FNov 28, 2018

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