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Qi Certified Product Database

This database contains all products that are Qi Certified. The default search will only show products that are compliant with the latest version of the Qi specification.  
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Qi-ID Brand Name Product Name Type Type Number Reg. Date
4573RazerWireless ChargerTxRC30-025903Oct 19, 2018
4876VICSEEDAutomatic Car Mount Wireless ChargerTxCTEZ59Oct 17, 2018
4875VANMASSAutomatic Car Mount Wireless ChargerTxCTEZ59Oct 17, 2018
4873DesertWestAutomatic Car Mount Wireless ChargerTxCTEZ59Oct 17, 2018
4868U-WAYAir Vent Stand- Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount(1047A)TxU15QT-1047AOct 17, 2018
4866SANWA SUPPLYWireless Charger StandTx700-WLC003Oct 17, 2018
4865U-WAYQi Infrastructure Solution(1090)TxUNIQT-1090Oct 17, 2018
4864PJCARGERSTxEWC-7000Oct 17, 2018
4862EsorunQi Wireless Car Mount with Auto-OperationTxEsoqiOct 17, 2018
4877nedisWireless Power BankTxWPBK5000BKOct 17, 2018
4878nedisWireless Power BankTxWPBK10000BKOct 17, 2018
4856ZENSZENS Dual+Watch Wireless ChargerTxZEDC05BOct 17, 2018
4663U-WAYTwin Qi Wireless Charging Dual Pad(U15QT-1052D)TxU15QT-1052DOct 17, 2018
4762YIWEI2-in-1 wireless chargerTxTYV-1735Oct 17, 2018
4750MOTILEwireless charger power bankTx38545Oct 17, 2018
4749MOTILEwireless charger power bankTx38544Oct 17, 2018
4743YIWEIWireless ChargerTxTYV-1714Oct 17, 2018
4714hoco.car wireless chargerTxS1Oct 17, 2018
4619MIWireless EditionTxPLM11ZMOct 17, 2018
4594EtechVanity Mirror With Wireless ChargerTxE-QI-18343-AOct 17, 2018
4492ZTE CorporationZTE Axon 9 ProRxZTE A2019G ProOct 17, 2018
4483MERKURYWireless ChargerTxMIC-QISC2Oct 17, 2018
4448NokiaNokia Wireless ChargerTxDT-10WOct 17, 2018
4422EtechPen Holder With Wireless ChargerTxE-QI-17301-A2Oct 17, 2018
4302CCAQi wireless charging padTxQI-1713Oct 17, 2018
4143mophiemophie powerstation plus XLRxPSPLUS-WRLS-10KOct 17, 2018
3907HUAWEIHUAWEI Mate 20 ProRxLYA-L09Oct 17, 2018
4846ACV GmbHInlay Inbay® Renault Kadjar 2015->Tx241250-50-1Oct 15, 2018
4844ACV GmbHInlay Inbay® Mercedes Sprinter 2006->Tx241190-53-1Oct 15, 2018
4842ACV GmbHInlay Inbay® Mazda CX-5 2015->2017Tx241170-52-1Oct 15, 2018
4837ACV GmbHQi Ford Fiesta RHD 2017->Tx241114-54-6Oct 15, 2018
4823kit:Wireless ChargerTxQIPAD5Oct 15, 2018
4860ksWireless ChargerTxKSDISBKOct 15, 2018
4855ProluxDesk LampTxPL-0169Oct 15, 2018
4854ProluxDesk LampTxPL-0074QIOct 15, 2018
4853ProluxDesk LampTxPL-0174Oct 15, 2018
4852ProluxDesk LampTxPL-0168(IH-QI6018X)Oct 15, 2018
4851ProluxDesk LampTxPL-0175Oct 15, 2018
4612Spark ConnectedThe Valkyrie Tabletop Wireless ChargerTxSPK-4012-1C10COct 15, 2018
4468ihomelifeWireless chargerTxHLQ-I3Oct 15, 2018
3208myChargeWireless Power DiskTxUPD05WW-AOct 15, 2018
4843MVMTMVMT Wireless ChargerTxQC0017-BKAOct 12, 2018
4839AcerPersonal ComputerTxN50-100Oct 12, 2018
4838MVMTMVMT Wireless ChargerTxQC0006-BKAOct 12, 2018
4845ProluxDesk LampTxPL-0171(IH-QI6072X)Oct 12, 2018
4848EnergizerWireless Charger Power BankTxQE10005CQOct 12, 2018
4835ACV GmbHInbay® Ford Fiesta RHD 2017-> ACVTx241114-54-1Oct 12, 2018

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