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Qi Certified

These products have been tested by a Qi compliance test lab and by a Qi interoperability testing center.

These products are licensed to use the Qi logo and claim to be "Qi Certified".

Find Qi Certified products

Qi Certified products are safe1

Wireless chargers generate strong magnetic fields. When the field is too strong it can induce voltages that damage mobile phones, electronic passports and public transport cards, such as the Oyster card in London and the Octopus card in Hong Kong.

Qi Certified wireless chargers have been tested to verify that they don’t induce voltages that can potentially damage these products.

Beware of misleading claims

Some manufacturers use misleading claims to hide the fact that their products have not been tested.

Examples of claims that are misleading when a product has not been tested:

  • “Qi compatible”
  • “Qi compliant”
  • “Qi approved”
  • "Works with Qi"
  • “Compatible with the Qi standard”
  • "According to the Qi standard"

It is not possible to determine compatibility and safety without testing. Demand proof that the product has passed all mandatory compliance tests and interoperability tests.

The only acceptable proof is that the product can be found in the Qi Certified Product Database. You know that a product has been tested when you find a match for Brand name, Product name, and Type number.

No match? Not tested!


(1) The WPC has tested one sample of each Qi Certified product provided to the WPC by the manufacturer. Products sold in the market may differ from this sample. The WPC does provide product safety certification. The WPC shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of any registered product or any product that uses the Qi wireless power specification.

Qi Certified products simply work

All Qi Certified Qi chargers will correctly charge all registered Qi receivers. They simply work.

Each wireless charger that you find in the Qi Certified Product Database has demonstrated that it will correctly charge all Qi Certified phones and other Qi Certified power receivers. Chargers that have not been fully tested may not work correctly with all Qi Certified receivers.

Trademark license needed for 'Qi'

The logo  and the word 'Qi' are registered trademarks in many jurisdictions. Use of these trademarks requires a trademark license.  

A product is licensed to use the Qi logo only when it can be found in the Qi Certified Product Database.

A product is licensed to use the name 'Qi' in product documentation and advertisements only when it can be found in the Qi Certified Product Database.

A product is Qi Certified when you find a match for Brand Name, Product Name, and Type Number.

No match? Not licensed!