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Download the Qi Specifications

The latest Qi Specification version v2.0 is available for WPC Members. The latest version available for non-members to download is version 1.3. 

Click this link to download the Qi Specifications. 

For an explanation of the meaning of Qi version numbers see the page on the History of the Qi specification.

Test specs for members only

Four of the Qi Specification books describe the test tools and compliance test procedures required for product certification. These books are available to WPC members only and are not included in the public download.

Are you already a member of the Wireless Power Consortium? Get full details on performance requirements and compliance test procedures for Qi on the support pages for WPC members.

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Become a member

Become a member

By joining the WPC you will become a key player in shaping and advancing wireless power standards. WPC members gain invaluable insights to compete more successfully and lead the charge in introducing cutting-edge wireless power transfer products to the market.

How to check that a product is Qi Certified

How to check that a product is Qi Certified

To be certain that a product has been tested to Qi certification standards, search for it in our database.