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API to Verify Certification

The WPC provides an application programming interface (API) into the Qi Certified Product Database. With this API, retailers can verify that products sold in their store or on their website are Qi Certified. Verification with this API can be automated and carried out without any human interaction.

How does this API work?

The retailer's computer system sends a message to the WPC's Qi Certified Product Database. That message contains three parameters:

  1. The Qi-ID of the product. This is the certification number assigned to a Qi Certified Product
  2. The brand name of the product.
  3. The type number (= part number) of the product.

The WPC then sends a message back to the retailer's computer system with the result.

The message returned on success is “Product is Qi Certified”.

The message returned on failure can be:

  • “Product doesn’t exist in the database”
  • “Brand name doesn’t exist in the database”
  • “Product type number doesn’t match”. 
  • “Qi Certification has expired”

Brand names and type numbers are not case sensitive. "MyBrand" and "mYbRAND" will match.

Chinese and Japanese characters can be used for brand name and type number.

Product type numbers don't have to match exactly. The API will report a failure only when the type number is very different. Extra characters at the end of the type number are ignored.

The return message “Qi Certification has expired” means that (a) the manufacturing grace period has expired or (b) the product is no longer licensed to carry the Qi logo because the manufacturer's logo trademark license agreement was terminated.

How to Integrate the API in the Retailer's Supplier Management System?

There are many ways the API can be used.

One possibility is to require that suppliers provide the Qi-ID, brand name, and type number when they offer to sell products on the retailers outlet. The retailer's system can then lookup the combination and provide immediate feedback to the supplier when the product is not found in the Qi Certified Product Database.

API Technology and Specification

The API is based on the Open API 3.0 standard. The API schema is

You will need an "API Key" to use the API. Please contact us for information about API Keys.

Documentation and Example

An example implementation that will help understand the API is available here:

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How to check that a product is Qi Certified

How to check that a product is Qi Certified

To be certain that a product has been tested to Qi certification standards, search for it in our database.