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Certified Qi products

Hundreds of products already carry the Qi logo. All products listed here have been tested by one of our authorized independent test labs to ensure they deliver the very best Qi wireless charging experience.

If you can't find a product in this list, it hasn't passed our high standards for Qi compatibility. Wireless Power Consortium members seeking to add products to this list can visit our members-only product registration page.

Qi Compliance

The Qi logo

The Qi logo is a trademark of the Wireless Power Consortium. Compatible wireless chargers, compatible mobile phones, and other compatible mobile devices may license the Qi logo.

Qi is fully compatible, meaning that that any phone or other device carrying the Qi logo will work with any charging surface that carries the Qi logo, regardless of manufacturer or brand.

Only products that were tested by an independent test lab may carry the logo. The Wireless Power Consortium has authorized test labs in many countries to verify compatibility with the Qi specification.

Unlicensed use of the Qi logo

Unfortunately, the Qi logo is sometimes used on products that were not properly tested. Such a product may not work correctly. Typical failures of untested products are:

  • a charger works with some phones and not all phones
  • a phone can charge on some charger and on all chargers
  • the phone becomes dangerously hot
  • charging is frequently interrupted

Is this product is authorized to carry the logo?

All certified products are registered in the "Certified Product Database". This public database contains all products are authorized to carry the Qi logo. These products were tested by an independent test lab.

You can search the database, for example typing the brandname in the search field, or the type number of the product.

A product that is not visible in the certified product database is not authorized to carry the Qi logo on the product or on packaging and may not charge correctly.


If you suspect unlicensed use of the Qi logo, please tell us. You can use this contact form.

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Product Name Brand Name Type Number Registration Date
wireless power transmitterAFD101TXAFD101TXAug 3, 2015
Wireless Charger TransmitterETOSSS1F009Jul 30, 2015
BD57011GWLROHMBD57011GWL_EVM001Jul 29, 2015
Three-coil automotive wireless charging transmitterFreescale SemiconductorWCT-5WTXAUTOV2Jul 28, 2015
S50cCATS50cJul 27, 2015
UFO Qi Wireless Charging PlateU-WAYUNI-01103Jul 14, 2015
LED MonitorSamsung ElectronicsS24E370DLJul 13, 2015
LED MonitorSamsung ElectronicsS27E370DJul 13, 2015
TORQUE G02 Smart PhoneRICHTEKKYV35MGAJul 4, 2015
YotaPhone2Yota DevicesYD206Jun 22, 2015
YotaPhone 2Yota DevicesYD205Jun 22, 2015
YotaPhone 2Yota DevicesYD202Jun 22, 2015
YotaPhone 2Yota DevicesYD201Jun 22, 2015
Wireless Charging PadHANSOLB090TJun 16, 2015
Wireless Charging PadHANSOLB100TJun 16, 2015
Mini Size Embedded Furniture TX Module (Industrial Application) with 5V/2A AC...U-WAYUNI-01101Jun 16, 2015
Mini size Embedded Furniture TX Module (DIY Solution) with 5V/2A AC AdapterU-WAYUNI-01108Jun 16, 2015
Bluetooth LightingHANSOLB090LJun 11, 2015
Bluetooth SpeakerHANSOLB090SJun 11, 2015
Wireless Charging PadHANSOLHSWP‐C090TJun 11, 2015

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