Certified products

This public database shows all products that are authorized to carry the Qi logo.  

The products in this database were tested by an independent test lab. These authorized test labs verify compliance with the Qi specification and verify that the product works correctly in combination with all other Qi-certified products. 

A product that is not visible in this certified product database is not authorized to carry the Qi logo on the product or on packaging. If you cannot find a product in this database, that product may not charge correctly.

You can add a product to this page via the product registration web page (members only).

Search the database by typing the brandname (or the type number of the product) in the search field. Then click "search".

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Product Name Brand Name Type Number Registration Date
Single Wireless ChargerWaltzcommwcr0001Sep 2, 2014
3coils Wireless Charger PowerqiT-300Sep 2, 2014
Wireless Charging StandPowerqiT-900 Aug 27, 2014
VuTYLTVUBL-T(1.1.2)Aug 25, 2014
VuTYLTVURD-T(1.1.2)Aug 25, 2014
VuTYLTVUG-T(1.1.2)Aug 25, 2014
VuTYLTVUBK-T(1.1.2)Aug 25, 2014
KoolPuck FonesalesmanT-200Aug 22, 2014
Zippy Qi 3-Coils Wireless Charging Pad + StandTeam Group Inc. WA03Aug 21, 2014
3-coils Wireless Charger Powerqi C3Aug 20, 2014
Three-coil automotive wireless charging transmitterFreescale SemiconductorWCT-5WTXAUTOAug 19, 2014
Wireless ChargerSemico CS4968_A11EVMAug 14, 2014
Bluetooth Stereo HeadsetNTT DOCOMOBTWE04Aug 13, 2014
TX Wireless Charging PadPrimax50-14908Aug 4, 2014
Wireless Power BankFEiiN400Jul 29, 2014
Embedded Wireless ChargerFEiiFN100Jul 24, 2014
Qi Wireless Charging jacket for Nintendo 3DS Console (V1.1.2) U-WAY3DSCR-321DFJul 17, 2014
Qi Wireless Battery Pack for XBOX 360 Controller (V1.1.2) U-WAYX36BP-321QFJul 17, 2014
Qi Wireless Charging Clip with Reversed Micro USB connector (V1.1.2)U-WAYUNICR-549QFJul 17, 2014
S5 PWRcardFonesalesmanS501Jul 15, 2014
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