Becoming a WPC member

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The benefits of Qi membership

Join the club

More than 200 companies are already making Qi the ultimate wireless charging standard.

Save money

There’s no need to bundle chargers and receivers, providing you with a lower price point and higher sales volume

Stand out

Membership makes it easy to differentiate your product while boosting margins

Services for success

WPC members have access to OEM, ODM, engineering and test services to ensure compatibility and quality

The parts you need

We can help with IC, coils and shielding, reducing your required bill of materials

Qi logo

WPC members can use the Qi logo at no additional cost

Partake in the process

As a member, you’ll help make critical decisions as we develop new Qi specifications

Maximum Compatibility

Members can participate in our interoperability test events, allowing you to test your prototypes against other member’s products

Raise your profile

All WPC members get a free listing in our member directory

Types of Membership


Associate membership gives you access to the Qi trademark license; early access to draft versions of the specification; the opportunity to influence the development of the specification by commenting on these draft specs; and the possibility to participate in interoperability testing with product prototypes. Associate members don't have the right to participate in technical meetings. Nevertheless, some technical work groups allow associate members to participate as observer. The annual membership fee for associate members is US$15,000.

Join the WPC as an Associate Member


Regular members are expected to make significantly higher investments of their own resources in terms of travel, participation in meetings, and in participation in prototyping and interoperability testing. Regular mmebers have voting rights in the Steering Group of the WPC.  Read more about the requirements for regular membership.

The annual membership fee for regular members is US$20,000.

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Small Businesses

Small businesses with annual revenues of less than US$10 million can join the Wireless Power Consortium for a reduced membership fee of US$2,000. This membership fee is fixed as long as the company’s annual revenue does not exceed $10M.

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Full Member

For companies that want to participate in all technical meetings, we offer the so-called "Full Membership". Full Members may participate in meetings of all work groups and task forces, contribute to the activities of these work groups and task forces, and subscribe to all mailing lists, with the exception of (a) groups and mailing lists that operate by invitation only, and (b) committees of the Steering Group. The annual membership fee for Full Members is US$ 18,000.

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