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Christian Beia, Guillaume Combes, Lionel Cimaz


Christian Beia

Product Marketing Manager at STMicroelectronics

Christian Beia has more than 12 years experience in the semiconductor product development within ST, formerly as a design manager for power conversion and Power over Ethernet (PoE) products since 2004, and currently as a product marketing manager for Wireless Power products. He has a long experience in standard developments, being a member of the IEEE802.3 Working group since 2006, and specifically IEEE802.3at PoE+ and IEEE802.3bt 4PPoE task forces.
Christian Beia graduated in 2004 with a master degree in electronics engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He owns patents on digital control technique for full bridge ZVS converters and maintain power signature on PoE controllers.

Lionel Cimaz

Senior Principal Engineer at STMicroelectronics

Lionel Cimaz received the MSc degree in electronic from ENIB French graduated engineering school in 1997. After some activities in sound engineering, he worked in Mitsubishi Electric Telecom Europe in audio and power areas from 2000 to 2003. Up to 2013, he worked in microelectronic companies Silicon Laboratories, NXP and ST-Ericsson, addressing the mobile phone markets. His contribution in audio and power area was covering system architecture, analog and digital architecture/design, audio algorithm development. Since 2013, he occupies the position of Senior Principal Engineer in STMicroelectronics power conversion division.

Guillaume Combes

Senior Firmware Engineer at STMicroelectronics

Guillaume Combes graduated in 2000 with a MSc degree in signal processing and telecommunication at the IFSIC French engineering school. He first worked in the military telecommunication domain as a signal processing software developer for several years before switching to mobile phone area. He was there involved in the low layer protocol stack development and moved to the audio. He was first involved in driver development and then in the digital signal processing part. Since 2013 he is part of the wireless charging team as a firmware developer, he is involved in the development of the firmware of the platforms from the wearable to the medium power.