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Vaclav Halbich

Wireless Power Business & Technical lead, NXP Semiconductors

Wireless Power for Portable Computing

Wireless power evolution has unstoppable momentum. Qi deployment on the smartphone market is nearly finished and it is time to look to the future. Introduction of wireless power for higher power levels, ranging from 20-200W is a logical next step and portable computing is greatest market at this power level. Let’s take a look at this new technology integration, design challenges and limitations.

Vaclav Halbich is Wireless Power Business & Technical lead at NXP Semiconductors with focus on innovation, safety and security and Co-Chair of Medium Power Working Group at Wireless Power Consortium. Vaclav Halbich was working in NXP Semiconductors on wireless power for 5 years at different positions and has engineer’s degree from Brno University of Technology.