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Shao Hang (Hunt) Hung

CEO SynHope Co.

Underwater Energy Transfer Platform via Qi Wireless Power Device


Generally, the batteries are installed in the underwater appliances, such as heating diving suit, underwater flashlight/ camera, etc. However, these appliances cannot replace the batteries underwater when they are run out of energy due to the short circuit occurs cause by conductivity of water. This situation limits the time for the endurance of appliances underwater and unconquerable inconvenience for application.


We create an underwater energy transfer platform via Qi wireless power device to solve this problem and realize the feature to transfer energy underwater without short circuit. In other words, we solved the problem of battery replacement in the water, and extend the application time and efficiency. Currently, this technology has been implemented on our diving suit.


This combination makes diving suit both generates heat effectively and remains the clothing lighter. It fits the human body for any stretching activity in the water with the features of power charging, heating and warm keeping. When the user's appliance is out of energy in the water, the user can replace the old one with our diving battery to continue using such appliance. Currently, we have international patents in several countries, such as the U.S., Australia, Japan, China and Taiwan. We inherit the concept of faith for "MAZU" in Chinese marine culture and finally named our brand "iMAZU".


Speaker Biography

Mr. Shao Hang (Hunt) Hung has about ten years R&D experience in the field of medical sensor, smart clothes, and internet of things. He graduated from National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), and worked in several medical companies such as medical device, smart clothing, and medical information system since 2012. He also owned dozens of international patents in Taiwan, the United States, Japan, and Mainland China, etc. He started up SynHope Co. in 2016, and served as CEO as yet. The company engaged in smart clothing and business model integration. The smart diving suit (iMAZU) has received Taiwan government program funding support in 2017.