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庄宝正 Promise Cheng

Vice President at ​U-Way Corporation

Qi 产品认证体系
The Qi Product Certification System

Qi 认证产品均通过兼容性和安全性测试.这份介绍说明了Qi认证体系是如何运作及如何识别认证产品。

Qi Certified products have been tested for compatibility and safety. This presentation explains how the Qi certification system works and how to recognize certified products.

庄宝正为佑骅科技现任执行副总, 拥有2年公司管理经验及8年国际市场开拓和销售经验;同时具备5年Qi无线充电产品项目管理经验和7年苹果MFI授权体系管理经验。任职期间, 佑骅科技在WPC网站成功注册了300多款Qi产品, 稳坐无线充电联盟(WPC)会员当中领军制造商地位。

Promise Cheng currently holding the post of Executive Vice President in U-way Corporation, one of the leading manufacturers in WPC. He experienced executive with 2 years company management and 8 years international sales and marketing. He possessing 5 years experience in Qi wireless charging project management, and 7 years experience in Apple MFI system management. During the term, U-way had registered more than 300 Qi products on WPC website.