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郝鹏 Peter Hao

Founder & CEO, Shanghai Chushan Technology Co., Ltd.


Wireless Power Transfer: Gamer-changer of UAV (Unmanned Arial Vehicle)

电池驱动的无人机的滞空时间往往只有约30 分钟。其电池不得不通过人工方式更换并充电。换言之,人员必须在工作现场。这使得定点巡航类无人机场景变得非常困难。无人机成本和人力成本都将大幅增加,而且对于恶劣环境来说尤为如此。

然而,无线充电可成为上述场景的游戏规则变革者。通过沿途部署一些具有无线电能发射端功能的停机坪,同时则将接收端安置在无人机的下方,则当无人机临时降落在这些停机坪上的时候,无人机电池可以无线充电。我们的方案可以使得不低于200 瓦的功率以大约80%的效率在超过1 英寸的隔空距离上实现电能传输。整个充电过程可以在20 分钟内自主完成。由于需要更少的甚至无需人员参与,该技术使得无人机可以拥有更长的滞空时间,并极大提升定点巡航场景的效率。

Driven by battery, UAV (Unmanned Arial Vehicle) may only be able to hover for roughly thirty minutes. The battery has to be manually switched and charged. In other words, working staffs have to be on the spot. It becomes more difficult for surveillance UAV, following a certain route. It means more cost not only for UAV but also for the staff. It could be even worse in the harsh environment.
However, wireless power can be a game changer for it. By deploying a certain number of landing fields along the route, which are in fact the power transmitters.

By embedding the wireless charging receiver at the bottom of the UAV, the battery can be wirelessly charged when landing on those landing fields. Our solution can deliver more than 200 Watts beyond one-inch air gap, with the
efficiency roughly 80%. It enables the fully charging within twenty minutes autonomously. This technology can dramatically enhance the scenario with less or none staffs, much longer hover time, and better surveillance efficiency.

郝鹏博士有在中国和澳大利亚的研究机构合计超过十五年的研发经验。他于2010 年获得澳大利亚墨尔本大学电气电子工程专业工学博士学位。在2011 年至2015 年,他受聘于江苏科技大学担任副教授、教授等,同时也是澳大利亚 墨尔本皇家理工大学的荣誉主要研究员。目前,他创立上海楚山电子科技有限公 司并担任CEO。该公司目前已经获得多轮中国著名投资机构的风险投资。

Peng (Peter) Hao has more than fifteen years of R&D experience in different research institute in China and Australia. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Melbourne, Australia in 2010. He was an associate professor, professor in Jiangsu University of Science and Technology in China during 2011 and 2015, also honorary principle research
fellow in the RMIT University, Australia. Now he is the founder and CEO of Shanghai Chushan Technology Co., Ltd. The company has raised several serials of funding from well-known VC in China.