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Paul Golden

VP Marklet Development, The Wireless Power Consortium

Qi Certification - Safety, Efficiency, and Compatibility

The rapid growth of wireless charging has led to many low-quality, counterfeit products that are potentially unsafe and offer a bad user experience.

Wireless chargers must prevent safety risks due to overheating. Wireless chargers must not interfer with other electronics products. Wireless chargers must be compatible witj all phones.

The presentation explains the advantages of Qi Certification and how to recognize Qi certified products.

Paul Golden

Paul Golden served as Chief Marketing Officer/Vice-President of Strategic Marketing of Samsung’s US mobile phone business from 2008 – 2012. In 2013, after years of conceiving and implementing successful marketing strategies and campaigns in the corporate world, Paul co-founded Brand Slam LLC, a marketing consultancy helping clients create and launch new products, develop more competitive brands and accelerate growth.