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Menno Treffers

Chairman, The Wireless Power Consortium

Challenges in mass market application of Wireless Power Transfer

The market for wireless power products is large, we expect that more than 300 million products that support the Qi standard will be sold in 2017. It is not easy to make wireless charging suitable for mass market application. The challenges are:

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Non-interference with other products
  • Cost
  • Compatibility

The presentation explains these challenges and the trade-offs between them.

Uncertified products - Creating awareness of the risks

The rapid growth of wireless charging has led to many low-quality, counterfeit products that are potentially unsafe and offer a bad user experience.

The presentation explains the risks of uncertified products and how to recognize Qi certifioed products.

Menno Treffers

Menno Treffers is chairman of the Wireless Power Consortium, an industry group that developed the Qi standard for wireless charging of mobile phones, and member of the Board of Directors of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (ISTO), a non-profit corporation dedicated to promote standards development for the technology industry. Menno Treffers has a PhD in physics from Leiden University in The Netherlands.

Menno Treffers worked with Koninklijke Philips and with One-Red LLC, a joint venture of Sony, Philips, Pioneer, and LG Electronics.  At One-Red he was responsible for new business development and the DVD video disc patent license program. At Koninklijke Philips he developed the VEEZA license program for CD-R discs and contributed to the creation of various industry standards, such as Super Audio CD, Blu-ray Disc, and the Zhaga standards for LED light engines.