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林志豪先生 Lam Chi Ho

Senior Wireless Charging Specialist, Intertek

Overview of Qi Wireless Charging Testing and Certification

本研討會主要介紹Qi無線充電檢測和認證方案,並會說明其合規性挑戰以及通過Qi認證測試之“Qi認可”產品的重要性 。

The presentation will introduce the Qi wireless charging testing and certification services and illustrate the compliance challenges, also the importance of “Qi Certified” products that have undergone Qi certification testing.



Mr. Lam Chi Ho
Assistant Manager, Power Supplies
Senior Wireless Charging Specialist

Mr. C.H. Lam has over 10 years of safety technical conformity experience for power supplies and battery chargers. Since 2014, he has devoted in Qi wireless charging testing development. He is the Wireless Power Consortium accredited Qi product testing and certification professional, and provides advisory and consultancy services to global manufacturers and organizations in regard to wireless charging enablement in the areas of electrical product application, development and technical research.