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林富祈 Hooky Lin


High efficiency and simplified design of wireless charging system

隨著智慧手機與手錶應用的蓬勃發展, 無線充電技術也被廣泛地應用在這些裝置中.在有限的空間內以及嚴苛的熱功耗要求下,

The wireless charging technology is being widely used in various application such as Smart Phone and Watch.
The thermal budget of those devices is critical and even be a big challenge with its small and compact space.
Efficiency and circuit simplification are keys for the wireless charging solution applied on those devices.

林富祈(Hooky Lin)

  •  現職: 聯發科技集團-立錡科技 - 無線充電系統開發部經理.
  •  專長: WPC規格無線充電系統整合與應用開發/感應式與共振式無線充電系統設計/嵌入式系統及介面韌體設計.
  •  LinkedIn 連結: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hooky-lin-813497146/

Hooky Lin

  •  Manager of RICHTEK/Mediatek Wireless Power System Division.
  •  Professional specialty on WPC wireless charging system integration and application.
  •  Inductive and resonant charging system design such as multi-mode wireless power receiver.
  •  Various embedded system design/Interface firmware programming.
  •  LinkdIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hooky-lin-813497146/