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王德昌 Derek Wang

Systems Engineer, NXP

EPP Tx and Rx system design

这个课题主要介绍WPC 15W无线功率接收器和车载无线功率发射器系统的设计,包括系统架构设计,硬件设计和电磁兼容设计等, 同时系统性能测试数据被分享来证明设计的有效性,以帮助听众更好地理解和设计WPC 15W无线充电产品。

This session addresses the EPP receiver and EPP automotive transmitter solution design, which covers the system architecture, hardware design and EMC design considerations etc., finally system performance test results was provided to prove the design effectiveness. It will help audience understand and design better EPP wireless charger system.


NXP staff systems engineer, more than 13 years switching-mode power supply R&D experience especially for more than 5 years WPC wireless charging system/hardware design and key customers engineering experience.