Xu Zhaishan (William)

Co-founder  and CMO Haier Wireless

Building the wireless charging eco-system together

Accelerating the application of Qi wireless charging solution at home & in public. Building the wireless charging eco-system together.

  • Brief  Introduction of Haier wireless;
  • The opportunity & challenge of the future of china’s market;
  • How to build the Eco-system of the wireless charging in china?
  • Apple joined in the WPC and Qi will be the most popular in the market of China

William has more than 12 years working experience,7+oversea working experienced, Specialized in marketing, product, Sales, Management  and the others. More than 5 years commitment to the development of wireless charging.

He is Haier Wireless Co-founder and CMO, WPC PWG  Co-Chair and GC PWG Chair