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Pan Siming

CEO E-Charging Inc.

The opportunities of wireless charging in the wireless  industry and its upstream supply chain

This talk will introduce the opportunities and situation in existing wireless industry and its upstream supply chain, including the IC, coil, antenna, material and other manufactures. This talk will briefly review the existing technologies and give a outlook of future trends for each unit in the industrial chain. This talk will mainly focus on WPC.

Siming Pan graduated from Tsinghua University. He has been working in the wireless industry for many years and responsible for the system architect design. He has comprehensive experiences in the complete product development cycle of the consumer electronics, especially on cellphone system architecture, future silicon definition, technology evaluation, system integration, volume production and so forth. He has 8 years industrial working experiences. He was the co-president of the sub-chapter in IEEE EMC Society, and the winner of the IEEE EMCS President Memorial Award (2009) for his contribution on the high-speed circuit design.