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Charlie Wu

Senior Principal System and Architecture Engineer at NXP


Design and debugging of 15 Watt wireless chargers and receivers, with examples

1. Design of 15 Wireless charging transmitter with RFID/NFC card protection

This class details the design of MP-A4 Transmitter which supports up 15W guaranteed power. Integrated NFC function for RFID/NFC card protection is discussed. Teach  how to customize the application through debug GUI tool.

2. How to debug the wireless charging system via a debug GUI

This class teaches to use a commercialized debug tool to configure a wireless charging system which including the system calibration, parameters modification, real-time monitoring, online debugging and so on. The tool combined with the java script and html pages supports  multiple connection modes - UART, JTAG, etc

3. 15W automotive transmitter system and HW design

Introduce new 15W auto transmitter solution, include the  hardware design, power circuits design and components selection, the rail voltage regulator selection, coil switch circuits ,PCB layout consideration, EMC performance. and performance testing.

4. 15W receiver design

More flexible programmable controller based solution, delivers up to 15W power, compliant with WPC V1.2.3 specification. QC2.0/3.0 and MTK PE+ fast charging protocol for 5V to 12V output are discussed.