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NFC's NDEF Record Type "WPCWLC" for Wireless Power Consortium

The NFC Forum Well Known NDEF Record Type defined for Wireless power consortium is called "WPCWLC" (in NFC binary encoding: 57h, 50h, 43h, 57h, 4Ch, 43h). See NFC Forum Assigned Numbers Register (https://nfc-forum.org/nfc-forum-assigned-numbers-register/) for the definition as Well Known Type.

WPC has defined the following field structure for the "WPCWLC" NDEF record:

The field definition is as follows:

Application Profile:

  • Mobile / Computing (Qi): 01h
  • Power tools: 02h
  • Cordless Kitchen: 03h


  • upper nibble: major version
  • lower nibble: minor version

Profile-specific data:

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