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Qi Certified Product Database

This database contains all products that are Qi Certified. The default search will only show products that are compliant with the latest version of the Qi specification.  
To find older products, use "Advanced search" and select the option "Include products not currently licensed? = yes".

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Qi-ID Brand Name Product Name Type Type Number Reg. Date
1901LEGRANDMulti outlet wireless + 2 USB chargersTx0 503 98Dec 14, 2016
1878RICHTEKRT3181 MP ChargerTx0001May 22, 2017
2740RichtekRT1653 Wireless Charging ReceiverRx001Sep 17, 2018
1853RICHTEKRT3181 LP ChargerTx001Nov 15, 2016
1962HamaWireless Charging Power BankTx00137427Mar 30, 2017
2915HAMAWIRELESS CHARGERTx00178975Mar 28, 2018
2516HAMAWIRELESS CHARGERTx00178976Jan 19, 2018
4379HAMAWIRELESS CHARGERTx00183374Aug 16, 2018
4380HAMAWIRELESS CHARGERTx00183375Aug 16, 2018
2301RICHTEKRT3181 LP ChargerTx002Nov 28, 2017
5371AudioCommWireless ChargerTx01-7079Dec 17, 2018
3306OHMWireless ChargerTx01-7080 (MAV-W10-W)May 14, 2018
2043BuryPowercharge QiTx01.1888.000AJun 6, 2017
4847BuryBMW Wireless-Charging-Station UniversalTx01.1978.000Nov 22, 2018
1781auWireless Charger 02Tx0102PUAOct 28, 2016
2635InvispowerThe Wireless Charging Module of 21310Tx01741089Oct 10, 2018
2693AUTOTRENDS10,000mAh Wireless Battery PackTx035-6151-2Mar 29, 2018
2741AutotrendsFast Wireless ChargerTx035-6157-0Mar 15, 2018
4602CELLAIRISCellairis -Wireless Charging StandTx04-0150046Sep 14, 2018
4447AT&TAT&T Wireless Charger White/BlackTx06121Aug 31, 2018
2818AT&TATT Wireless Charger BlackTx06121Mar 27, 2018
2618AT&TATT Wireless Charger White/BlackTx06121Mar 2, 2018
4564AT&TAT&T Wireless Charger WhiteTx06122Oct 30, 2018
2930AT&TATT Wireless Charger WhiteTx06122Apr 4, 2018
2920AT&TATT Wireless Charger WhiteTx06122Mar 29, 2018
5329AT&TATT GoT Wireless ChargerTx06158Dec 10, 2018
3879PuregearWireless Charging Pad with kickstandTx06381PGJul 10, 2018
4005FullinkWireless ChargerTx0741Aug 16, 2018
2558LEGRANDIntegrated Furniture Wireless Power SupplyTx077580Apr 24, 2018
2100LEGRANDIntegrated Furniture ChargerTx077580Jun 28, 2017
2918LegrandWireless Charger RuggedTx077599Apr 11, 2018
1805LEGRANDWireless Charger RuggedTx077599Dec 9, 2016
4850PURE.GEARPG Wireless Charging PadTx07771PGOct 31, 2018
3264PURE.GEARPG Wireless Charger BlackTx07771PGJun 11, 2018
5036SOMISOMI Wireless Charging PadTx07980SMNov 6, 2018
3689SOMISOMI Wireless Charger GrayTx07980SMJun 14, 2018
5066HONDAWireless ChargerTx08U58-TJB-HM00-A1Nov 29, 2018
4915Wireless TechnologySMARTPHONE WIRELESS CHARGERTx09AP036120Nov 9, 2018
1636STMicroelectronicsSTEVAL-ISB036V1Rx1.1.2Sep 8, 2016
4451SANWA SUPPLY INC.Qi搭載机上ラックTx100-MR147TQSep 5, 2018
5245SANWA SUPPLY INC.Qi内蔵机上小物入れTx100-MRPS001BKNov 29, 2018
4354AnderssonWireless ChargerTx1003979Aug 16, 2018
4355AnderssonWireless ChargerTx1003980Aug 16, 2018
4232UNISYNKQi wireless car charger moduleTx10164Aug 16, 2018
1111IKEAVITAHULT wrlss charg cvr i6Rx10314000 EU/60314...Mar 7, 2016
5394CartrendWireless ChargerTx10413Dec 17, 2018
2541AlticomIS21Tx10449545Feb 27, 2018
1686CONTINENTAL109294Tx109294Jul 5, 2016
1946CONTINENTAL1094850Tx1094850Mar 8, 2017
3020Continental10948507Tx10948507Jun 29, 2018

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