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Qi Certified Product Database

This database contains all products that are Qi Certified. The default search will only show products that are compliant with the latest version of the Qi specification.  
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Qi-ID Brand Name Product Name Type Type Number Reg. Date
2352RAVPOWER Wireless Charging PadTxRP-PC066Jun 25, 2018
4833Emerson1.2'' white display dual alarm clock with USB charging and Qi Wireless chargerTxER100104Oct 11, 2018
5232AVLT-Power Inc.10-Port USB & Type-C with Wireless ChargingTxAVLT-CH28-X / 101...Nov 28, 2018
4136SIIG, Inc.10-Port USB A/C & Wireless Charging StationTxAC-PW1H11-S1Aug 13, 2018
3759Kopplen10,000mAh QI Wireless All-in-One Power BankTxPBK-WL01BLKJun 26, 2018
2693AUTOTRENDS10,000mAh Wireless Battery PackTx035-6151-2Mar 29, 2018
2928ANECOO10,000mAh Wireless Power BankTxW1020Mar 30, 2018
3083Tzumi10000MAH LCD WIRELESS CHARGERTx5713BBApr 16, 2018
4549TELLUR10000mAh Qi Wireless power bankTxTLL158201Sep 5, 2018
1686CONTINENTAL109294Tx109294Jul 5, 2016
1946CONTINENTAL1094850Tx1094850Mar 8, 2017
3020Continental10948507Tx10948507Jun 29, 2018
1975CONTINENTAL1094860Tx1094860Mar 23, 2017
3896Continental10948607Tx10948607Jul 11, 2018
1976CONTINENTAL1101490Tx1101490Mar 23, 2017
3897Continental11014907Tx11014907Jul 11, 2018
1977CONTINENTAL1101500Tx1101500Mar 23, 2017
3898Continental11015007Tx11015007Jul 11, 2018
1947CONTINENTAL1104930Tx1104930Mar 20, 2017
1978CONTINENTAL1104940Tx1104940Mar 23, 2017
2461FUSEBOX131 0836 FB2Tx131 0836 FB2Jan 2, 2018
2462Stanley131 0836 ST2Tx131 0836 ST2Jan 2, 2018
2254Continental1383640Tx1383640Oct 23, 2017
1980CONTINENTAL1384530Tx1384530Mar 23, 2017
1979CONTINENTAL1384540Tx1384540Mar 23, 2017
3901Continental13845405Tx13845405Jul 11, 2018
2252CITIPACK15 W Wireless ChargerTxTAW-109MSep 28, 2017
2102CONTINENTAL1648860Tx1648860Jul 25, 2017
3899Continental16488603Tx16488603Jul 11, 2018
2194CONTINENTAL1714380Tx1714380Sep 13, 2017
2176ENERGEA2 Coils Fast Wireless ChargerTxWiDockSep 7, 2017
2086Powerqi2 Coils Fast Wireless ChargerTxFC21Jul 17, 2017
2151Powerqi2 Coils Fast Wireless Charging StandTxFC31Aug 3, 2017
2152Powerqi2 Coils Foldable Fast Wireless ChargerTxFC32Aug 3, 2017
4267AREA2 Coils Wireless ChargerTxSD-QW02-WHAug 13, 2018
4256AREA2 Coils Wireless Charger StandTxSD-QW02-BKAug 7, 2018
3963MGCTECH2 Coils Wireless Charger StandTxDC-50Aug 3, 2018
4070Blackweb2 in 1 Wireless ChargerTxBWB18WI706Jul 18, 2018
3652Blackweb2 in 1 Wireless ChargerTxBWB18WI706Jul 4, 2018
2859Hamee2 way wireless chargerTx276-8921Mar 21, 2018
2938SMAMAO2-Coil charger with cooling fanTxS400Jun 4, 2018
4435MIUO2-in-1 wireless chargerTxS002Dec 10, 2018
4762YIWEI2-in-1 wireless chargerTxTYV-1735Oct 17, 2018
3135Wofalo2in1 wireless chargerTxW101Apr 24, 2018
4719BOSLISA2in1 Wireless Charging Pad with Luminous LogoTxQ0023Sep 25, 2018
4272Esorun2in1 Wireless Charging Pad with Luminous LogoTxQicableAug 31, 2018
2146Powerqi3 Coils Fast Wireless Car ChargerTxFC35Jul 25, 2017
2129VAPALUX3 Coils Fast Wireless Car ChargerTxFC90Jun 28, 2017
2097dodocool3 Coils Fast Wireless Car ChargerTxDA135BJun 8, 2017
2067Powerqi3 Coils Fast Wireless Car ChargerTxFC38Jun 7, 2017

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