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Qi Certified Product Database

This database contains all products that are Qi Certified. The default search will only show products that are compliant with the latest version of the Qi specification.  
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Qi-ID Brand Name Product Name Type Type Number Reg. Date
4857 ICHECKEYSmart Wireless Car Charger MountTxZN01Oct 31, 2018
2647+U by LEPLUSFast wireless chargingTxLP-QI04BKFeb 27, 2018
2646+U by LEPLUSFast wireless chargingTxLP-QI04SVFeb 27, 2018
2523+U by LEPLUSFast wireless chargingTxLP-Qi03WCSRGDJan 29, 2018
2524+U by LEPLUSFast wireless chargingTxLP-Qi03WCSSVJan 19, 2018
33822001 TechWireless ChargerTxWP07T-10WMay 18, 2018
52133SIXTWireless Charging Car MountTx3S-1048Dec 10, 2018
31133SIXTWIRELESS CHARGERTx3S-1047Apr 19, 2018
42714smartsInductive Charger VoltBeam SensorTx4S462266Aug 16, 2018
372695wireless chargerTxNT3Aug 16, 2018
391295wireless charger standTxNF10Jul 31, 2018
1825A+Wireless ChargerTxWCA1W/WCA1BSep 30, 2016
4752ABKULABKUL Car Wireless ChargerTxQ20Sep 27, 2018
4839AcerPersonal ComputerTxN50-100Oct 12, 2018
4736AcerPersonal ComputerTxD17E5Oct 1, 2018
4735AcerPersonal ComputerTxNitro N50-600GOct 1, 2018
4029AcerPersonal ComputerTxNitro N50-600Sep 9, 2018
2425AcerPersonal ComputerTxS24-880Dec 20, 2017
2424AcerPersonal ComputerTxD17W8Dec 20, 2017
2423AcerPersonal ComputerTxAspire S24-880Dec 20, 2017
2125AcerPersonal ComputerTxD17E3Jun 29, 2017
2126AcerPersonal ComputerTxRevo RN76Jun 29, 2017
2127AcerPersonal ComputerTxRN76Jun 29, 2017
2058AcerPersonal ComputerTxD17E3May 9, 2017
2059AcerPersonal ComputerTxRevo RN76May 9, 2017
2060AcerPersonal ComputerTxRN76May 9, 2017
4738ACMEACME CH304 Wireless car chargerTxCH304Sep 27, 2018
4188Acmewireless chargerTxCH302Jul 27, 2018
4187AcmeDual wireless chargerTxCH305Jul 27, 2018
4338ActinerWireless ChargerTxAP-W06Sep 19, 2018
4965ACV GmbHInlay Inbay® Skoda Oktavia 2013->Tx241340-50-1Oct 27, 2018
4964ACV GmbHInlay Inbay® Seat Leon 2012->Tx241328-50-1Oct 27, 2018
4960ACV GmbHInlay Inbay® VW Touran 2015->Tx241320-54-1Oct 27, 2018
4916ACV GmbHInbay® VW Tiguan / Golf PlusTx241320-53-1Oct 27, 2018
4914ACV GmbHInbay® VW Passat (B8) 2014->Tx241320-52-1Oct 27, 2018
4893ACV GmbHInbay® Renault Megane IV 2016->Tx241250-51-1Oct 23, 2018
4846ACV GmbHInlay Inbay® Renault Kadjar 2015->Tx241250-50-1Oct 15, 2018
4844ACV GmbHInlay Inbay® Mercedes Sprinter 2006->Tx241190-53-1Oct 15, 2018
4842ACV GmbHInlay Inbay® Mazda CX-5 2015->2017Tx241170-52-1Oct 15, 2018
4837ACV GmbHQi Ford Fiesta RHD 2017->Tx241114-54-6Oct 15, 2018
4835ACV GmbHInbay® Ford Fiesta RHD 2017-> ACVTx241114-54-1Oct 12, 2018
4821ACV GmbHInbay® Ford Focus RHD 2015-> ACVTx241114-53-3Oct 10, 2018
4817ACV GmbHInbay® Ford Focus RHD 2015->Tx241114-53-1Oct 9, 2018
4554ACV GmbHInlay Inbay® Hyundai Tucson 2015->Tx241143-50-1Oct 5, 2018
3961ACV GmbHInlay Inbay® Ford Focus 07/2017->Tx241114-52-1Jul 10, 2018
3926ACV GmbHInbay® pocket Ford Mondeo 2016->Tx241114-50-3Jul 10, 2018
3891ACV GmbHPocket Ford Focus 2015->Tx241114-51-3Jul 10, 2018
3882ACV GmbHInlay Inbay® BMW 1erTx241023-50-1Jul 10, 2018
3862ACV GmbHQi Ford Fiesta 07/2017->Tx241114-52-6Jun 29, 2018
3762ACV GmbHInlay Qi Ford Mondeo MY2016Tx241114-50-1Jun 26, 2018

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