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Qi Certified Product Database

This database contains all products that are Qi Certified. The default search will only show products that are compliant with the latest version of the Qi specification.  
To find older products, use "Advanced search" and select the option "Include products not currently licensed? = yes".

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Qi-ID Brand Name Product Name Type Type Number Reg. Date
4826GooglePixel 3RxG013BOct 12, 2018
4666AKAVOS1TxAFS01Oct 12, 2018
4512Twelve SouthHiRise Wireless 2-in-1 desktop charging stand and travel chargerTx12-1811Oct 12, 2018
4490inCarBiteTrack Magnetic Wireless Car ChargerTxWC-400Oct 12, 2018
4352BlackviewWireless ChargerTxW1Oct 12, 2018
4330UGREENWireless Charging PadTxCD178-50535Oct 11, 2018
4828Tama'sWireless Charger Power TransimtterTxTWC05WOct 11, 2018
4829Tama'sWireless Charger Power TransimtterTxTWC09KOct 11, 2018
4830Tama'sWireless Charger Power TransimtterTxTWC09WOct 11, 2018
4831Tama'sWireless Charger Car Power TransimtterTxTWC07KOct 11, 2018
4832MEGA KINGUltra-thin aluminum alloy mirror wireless chargingTxBWCTX-054Oct 11, 2018
4833Emerson1.2'' white display dual alarm clock with USB charging and Qi Wireless chargerTxER100104Oct 11, 2018
4825kit:Wireless ChargerTxQIPADMETSGOct 11, 2018
4824kit:Wireless Car ChargerTxQIPADCAROct 11, 2018
4358KintecdigitalPower Strip Charging StationTxKQI-P10SOct 11, 2018
4657AudioCommWireless chargerTxC1Oct 11, 2018
4553YIWEIWireless ChargerTxTYV-1694Oct 11, 2018
4318BJDCar Mount Wireless ChargerTxWD-282-010QOct 11, 2018
4821ACV GmbHInbay® Ford Focus RHD 2015-> ACVTx241114-53-3Oct 10, 2018
4820MEGA KINGUltra-thin aluminum alloy mirror wireless chargingTxBWCTX-054Oct 10, 2018
4818PISENWireless Charging BaseTxTS-C095WOct 10, 2018
4445SATECHIWireless ChargerTxST-IWCBOct 10, 2018
2635InvispowerThe Wireless Charging Module of 21310Tx01741089Oct 10, 2018
3662GooglePixel StandTxG019COct 10, 2018
3975GooglePixel 3 XLRxG013COct 10, 2018
3973GooglePixel 3RxG013AOct 10, 2018
4800AudiologyWireless ChargerTxEOO-AQI2-NPKOct 9, 2018
4799AudiologyWireless ChargerTxEOO-AQI2-FCLOct 9, 2018
4807mWorks!Wireless Charger Power BankTx24998Oct 9, 2018
4809WefunixWireless ChargerTxWFX-1206Oct 9, 2018
4810YENKEEWireless ChargerTxYAC 5005Oct 9, 2018
4811YENKEEWireless ChargerTxYAC 5010Oct 9, 2018
4815BestrixWireless Charging PadTxFC007 WhiteOct 9, 2018
4814BestrixWireless Charging PadTxFC007 BlackOct 9, 2018
4817ACV GmbHInbay® Ford Focus RHD 2015->Tx241114-53-1Oct 9, 2018
4734CATIGAWFC001TxWFC001*Oct 9, 2018
4529Amphenol TecvoxWireless ChargerTx19TECW0Oct 9, 2018
4761MotileCharging PadTx38568Oct 9, 2018
4625MerkuryWireless Charger Power MountTxMIC-QIC01-101Oct 9, 2018
4431MSHWireless chargerTxMSH-WI-046Oct 9, 2018
4802EVERKIN LLCWireless ChargerTxEK-WCQlOct 8, 2018
4801CoolrekDual Wireless Charge StationTxKWT-39Oct 8, 2018
4796カシムラワイヤレス充電器 自動開閉ホルダーTxKW-7Oct 8, 2018
4755PHILIPSWireless chargerTxDLP9025NOct 8, 2018
4708VICSEEDWireless Car Charger MountTxCTEZ68Oct 8, 2018
4707DesertwestWireless Car Charger MountTxCTEZ68Oct 8, 2018
4638JMTekWireless Power ChargerTxWPC800Oct 8, 2018
4635iHomeLED lamp with wireless charging stationTxiH-Qi6000WOct 8, 2018
4616TYLTTMO Wireless Charging PadTxQITWSTBK-TMOOct 8, 2018

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