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Qi Certified Product Database

This database contains all products that are Qi Certified. The default search will only show products that are compliant with the latest version of the Qi specification.  
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Qi-ID Brand Name Product Name Type Type Number Reg. Date
5189KINGYUKWireless Charging with Bluetooth SpeakerTxBS1301Dec 14, 2018
4888ZYDWireless Charger PadTxSL-PWW13Dec 14, 2018
4608NANFU黑胶防水无线充TxAC512Dec 14, 2018
3635RaymarineRay90/91 Wireless HandsetRxR70616Dec 13, 2018
5346SkywayGravity Wireless Car ChargerTxRaceDec 12, 2018
5332MOMAXwireless chargerTxUD6Dec 12, 2018
5306BluehiveWireless Charging PadTxPWB-2117Dec 12, 2018
5350BrandNPwireless chargerTxNW170WDec 12, 2018
5351BrandNPwireless chargerTxNW170BDec 12, 2018
5266maywaysWireless chargerTxFT05Dec 12, 2018
5140PowerqiAutomatic Wireless Car ChargerTxFC59Dec 12, 2018
4966AppleiPhone XRRxA2105Dec 12, 2018
4521ZONECHARGEQi Wireless Charging TX Module(Subsystem)TxCX-L1121T-5WDec 12, 2018
2882zydWireless Charging padTxSL-PWW-11Dec 12, 2018
5341imikokoLeather Wireless Charger  TxIMCG000133Dec 11, 2018
5340imikokoLeather Wireless Charger  TxIMCG000132Dec 11, 2018
5335GRUNDIGwireless charger power bankTx13818Dec 11, 2018
5230GABBAGOODSGABBAGOODS Wireless QI Foldable Holder ChargerTxGG-STQI-RGLDec 11, 2018
5191Transtek MagneticsDIALTxR0Dec 11, 2018
5154COBYbluetooth clock radio speaker with wireless chargerTxCWBR-110Dec 11, 2018
5100PitakaWireless chargerTxCM001QDec 11, 2018
5223MGCTECHWireless ChargerTxMC-30DDec 10, 2018
5229GABBAGOODSGABBAGOODS Wireless QI Foldable Holder ChargerTxGG-STQI-BLKDec 10, 2018
5187Le TouchWireless ChargerTxLT-W10Dec 10, 2018
5330imikokoWireless Charger  TxIMCC000062Dec 10, 2018
5331MADEJOYAutomatic Wireless Car ChargerTxMC-A100Dec 10, 2018
5298KERRY LOGISTICSWireless ChargerTxWPB102Dec 10, 2018
5305TekYaWireless Charging PadTxUNICHG17540Dec 10, 2018
5312Speaka ProfessionalWIRELESS CHARGERTx1693721Dec 10, 2018
5315IEAutomatic Wireless Charging Phone MountTx23156EDec 10, 2018
5319DEFENSEHelix car mountTxMimosaDec 10, 2018
5323PHILIPSWireless chargerTxDLP9831N/93Dec 10, 2018
5326IntensoWireless Powerbank WP10000Tx7432531Dec 10, 2018
5329AT&TATT GoT Wireless ChargerTx06158Dec 10, 2018
5215BrandNPWireless ChargerTxQX120Dec 10, 2018
52133SIXTWireless Charging Car MountTx3S-1048Dec 10, 2018
5196DSSDWireless Car ChargerTxJ-AC310Dec 10, 2018
5168allcacaWireless Charging StationTxHZPY0020Dec 10, 2018
5042OttLiteLED Desk Lamp with Wireless ChargingTxX9ADec 10, 2018
4963hangtaiwireless charger power bankTxHT-A10WDec 10, 2018
4901PiwareAirMountTxM2Dec 10, 2018
4789mophiemophie wireless charging baseTxWRLS-CHGBASE-10W-NDec 10, 2018
4658SinotekWireless chargerTxW1001Dec 10, 2018
4435MIUO2-in-1 wireless chargerTxS002Dec 10, 2018
5304SCOSCHEHome & Office DockTxQUSPDec 6, 2018
5302Cellularlinewireless chargerTxWIRELESSPADIPHWDec 6, 2018
5297AMPDAMPD Qi 10A Wireless Charging PadTxAA-QI-10A-BLKDec 6, 2018

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