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Qi Certified Product Database

This database contains all products that are Qi Certified. The default search will only show products that are compliant with the latest version of the Qi specification.  
To find older products, use "Advanced search" and select the option "Include products not currently licensed? = yes".

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Qi-ID Brand Name Product Name Type Type Number Reg. Date
4521ZONECHARGEQi Wireless Charging TX Module(Subsystem)TxCX-L1121T-5WDec 12, 2018
5312Speaka ProfessionalWIRELESS CHARGERTx1693721Dec 10, 2018
5196DSSDWireless Car ChargerTxJ-AC310Dec 10, 2018
5197HUERICHWireless ChargerTxHIP-D05ARDec 3, 2018
5048CSwireless charger CSSTxwireless charger CSSDec 3, 2018
5222LUMI LEGEND CORPORATIONWireless ChargerTxDWC01-1Nov 26, 2018
4975AELwireless chargerTx12616Nov 23, 2018
5075Future ChargerWireless Charging StandTxHQ01Nov 22, 2018
4989ClarionAutomotive Qi Certified Wireless ChargerTxWLC38Nov 21, 2018
4191AptivAPTIV-35062651Tx35062651Nov 16, 2018
4623CAR MATEWireless Charging UnitTxCMQIU5-1A*Nov 15, 2018
4995BrandNPWireless Charger PCBATxQX210CPCBANov 14, 2018
4918National LightingDOCK-150 Wireless ChargerTxDOCK-150-*-**Nov 14, 2018
4915Wireless TechnologySMARTPHONE WIRELESS CHARGERTx09AP036120Nov 9, 2018
4879BrandNPwireless charger PCBATxQX210PCBANov 9, 2018
4786GUANYAWireless charging moduleTxGY-0510Nov 9, 2018
4565CJWireless ChargeTxCJ-TX5VA1Nov 9, 2018
4834PowermatCharging Spot 3.1 REVBTxM-020B-512DNov 7, 2018
4882KUPIINWireless TransmitterTxKUPIIN-TW02-VER5-...Nov 6, 2018
4917JOYEHidden wireless charging transmitterTxOEXH700Oct 27, 2018
4507IPAN IPANWireless charging integrated TX moduleTxIPN-FD-TXFCOct 27, 2018
4302CCAQi wireless charging padTxQI-1713Oct 17, 2018
4825kit:Wireless ChargerTxQIPADMETSGOct 11, 2018
2635InvispowerThe Wireless Charging Module of 21310Tx01741089Oct 10, 2018
4499TechrunAutomotive wireless chargerTxTE0101Oct 5, 2018
4681proluxQI wireless powerTxPR-E801L-V1.012VOct 5, 2018
4680proluxQI wireless powerTxPR-E801L-V1.05VOct 5, 2018
4239ByrneQi Oval GrommetTxBE05896QiOct 5, 2018
4238ByrneDean QiTxBE04315QiOct 5, 2018
4237ByrneBurelé QiTxBE03373QiOct 5, 2018
4106IDTCR522 IDTP9261 EVKTxV3P21Oct 2, 2018
3869GCteqHidden wireless charging transmitterTxGF-01Sep 25, 2018
4544ScanstrutROKK wireless chargerTxSC-CW-03Sep 19, 2018
4545ScanstrutROKK wireless chargerTxSC-CW-03ESep 19, 2018
4543ScanstrutROKK wireless chargerTxSC-CW-02ESep 19, 2018
4636comsolWIRELESS CHARGERTxWCD30Sep 17, 2018
4438iHomeiHome HWL83, Hotel & Hospitality Guest Room Speaker System with Qi Wireless...TxHWL83Sep 17, 2018
4542ScanstrutROKK wireless chargerTxSC-CW-01ESep 17, 2018
4546CoolrekQi Wireless Charging TX ModuleTxKW-001Sep 17, 2018
3786LuxshareAutomotive Wireless Charging TransmitterTxWPC002Sep 17, 2018
4571BelkinBoost Up Wireless Charging Spot - Recessed/Hidden, 4packTxB2B184Sep 14, 2018
4570BelkinBoost Up Wireless Charging Spot - Surface Pad, 4packTxB2B174Sep 14, 2018
4523comsolWIRELESS CHARGERTxWFC15Sep 14, 2018
4530BelkinBoost Up Wireless Charging Spot - Recessed/HiddenTxB2B180Aug 31, 2018
4525ScanstrutROKK wireless chargerTxSC-CW-01EAug 31, 2018
4052BelkinBOOSTUP Wireless Charging Spot (B2B170)TxB2B170Aug 30, 2018
2738SSANGYONG MOTOR COMPANYX100 Wireless ChargerTxX100Aug 29, 2018
4126LG ElectronicsWC500M-RNTxWC500M-RNAug 23, 2018

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