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Qi Certified Product Database

This database contains all products that are Qi Certified. The default search will only show products that are compliant with the latest version of the Qi specification.  
To find older products, use "Advanced search" and select the option "Include products not currently licensed? = yes".

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Qi-ID Brand Name Product Name Type Type Number Reg. Date
4628SinjimoruSinjimoruTxSJ-WC-ACM1Sep 17, 2018
4627NEQUIOIn-car Sensor Wireless ChargerTxNEQ-1Sep 17, 2018
4621NorautoQi Windshield and Dash MountTx47938 (UWHC-10W)Sep 17, 2018
4590BRANDSTANDCubiedotTxBPEDTUKSep 17, 2018
4589BRANDSTANDCubiedotTxBPEDTEUSep 17, 2018
4584XQ XQISITXQISIT Wireless ChargerTx33091Sep 17, 2018
4438iHomeiHome HWL83, Hotel & Hospitality Guest Room Speaker System with Qi Wireless...TxHWL83Sep 17, 2018
4542ScanstrutROKK wireless chargerTxSC-CW-01ESep 17, 2018
4572PowerqiGravity wireless car chargerTxFC58Sep 17, 2018
4546CoolrekQi Wireless Charging TX ModuleTxKW-001Sep 17, 2018
4536SKXAirbase WirelessTxAFW-KK-NASep 17, 2018
4519ANKERPowerWave StandTxA2524Sep 17, 2018
4518ANKERPowerWave PadTxA2503Sep 17, 2018
4510NaztechPower StationTx14485Sep 17, 2018
4496VetacCar holder wireless chargerTxSW3031Sep 17, 2018
4491DESAYWireless ChargerTxP8CSep 17, 2018
4461ZCWXPower bank with wireless chargerTxZCWX-007Sep 17, 2018
4459ZCWXMirror surface wireless chargerTxZCWX-003Sep 17, 2018
4456ZINGAROWireless charger with smartphone holderTxDL-004Sep 17, 2018
4439ZCWXSticky wireless chargerTxZCWX-013Sep 17, 2018
4406EsorunSuction Power Bank With Wireless ChargerTxSuction SSep 17, 2018
4401DQiDianZWireless ChargerTxW1Sep 17, 2018
4143mophiemophie powerstation plus XLRxPSPLUS-WRLS-10KSep 17, 2018
4110ANGUOANGUO Car Wireless ChargerTxQ20Sep 17, 2018
4007iJacketWireless ChargerTxWPC92Sep 17, 2018
3998HengFengWireless PowerbankTxW101*(*W101B, W10...Sep 17, 2018
3965BIALVertical Wireless ChargerTxV7Sep 17, 2018
3786LuxshareAutomotive Wireless Charging TransmitterTxWPC002Sep 17, 2018
3574Altec LansingAltec LansingTxIMW 889Sep 17, 2018
3521SoftBank SELECTIONWireless Charging Base for iPhone/Android™TxSB-WC01-IAFCSep 17, 2018
2740RichtekRT1653 Wireless Charging ReceiverRx001Sep 17, 2018
3534BLAVORWireless Charger Power BankTxPN-W06Sep 14, 2018
4611EnergyPadWireless ChargerTxB85ULSep 14, 2018
4610EnergyPadWireless ChargerTxB85ULSep 14, 2018
4609EnergyPadWireless ChargerTxB85ULSep 14, 2018
4607ROYKINWireless ChargerTxUNICHAGWIRSep 14, 2018
4606MybatWireless ChargerTxUNICHAGWIR 231WPSep 14, 2018
4605seneoWireless ChargerTxWX008Sep 14, 2018
4604HOT SMARTWireless ChargerTxSL009Sep 14, 2018
4602CELLAIRISCellairis -Wireless Charging StandTx04-0150046Sep 14, 2018
4601Kiiriewireless chargerTxF120Sep 14, 2018
4600SyskaWireless chargerTxWLC101Sep 14, 2018
4599CoolrekAutomatic Car Wireless ChargerTxKW-C2Sep 14, 2018
4591FOLIYUENFabric Wireless Charging Car MountTxFY-C80Sep 14, 2018
4587CELLULARLINEPilot Active WirelessTxPILOTACTWIRELESSKSep 14, 2018

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