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Qi Certified Product Database

This database contains all products that are Qi Certified. The default search will only show products that are compliant with the latest version of the Qi specification.  
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Qi-ID Brand Name Product Name Type Type Number Reg. Date
5127NeotrixQINeotrixQI Automatic Wireless Car ChargerTxNQ70Nov 13, 2018
5126REDBEANRedbean Auto Square Automatic Wireless ChargerTxC1WCNov 13, 2018
5124VinaWireless ChargerTxWT-K268Nov 13, 2018
5114BlackwebWireless ChargerTxBWB18WI705BNov 13, 2018
5071ITOMAWireless charger with alarm clockTxiC801Nov 13, 2018
4486MIPOWPOWER CUBE X2TxSPQ07Nov 13, 2018
2514ARUNWireless ChargerTxWX001CNov 13, 2018
5033AUTO DRIVEGravity Phone Holder & Wireless Charger 2-in-1 KitTxVCW-502KNov 13, 2018
4998MGCTECHAutomatic Wireless Car ChargerTxCC-70Nov 13, 2018
4981HeydayWireless Charging PadTxQIC32Nov 13, 2018
4668maxellQi Wireless Charger with Battery - Air VoltageTxWP-PDB50**Nov 13, 2018
5112AudiologyWireless ChargerTxEOO-WQI2-MBRNov 12, 2018
5111AudiologyWireless ChargerTxEOO-WQI2-WHTNov 12, 2018
5110HARMONICWireless charger padTxQI-1002WHNov 12, 2018
5109GOGAWireless charger padTxQI-1002WGNov 12, 2018
5108GOGAWireless charger padTxQI-1002BGNov 12, 2018
5105AntsigWireless ChargerTxAP6611Nov 12, 2018
5104SINTOPWireless ChargerTxN200Nov 12, 2018
5103SINTOPWireless ChargerTxA13Nov 12, 2018
5102ADESSOQA-01TxA11QNov 12, 2018
5101ADAM elementsOMNIA Q Wireless Charging Pad with Breathing LightsTxOMNIA QNov 12, 2018
5098CASECOwireless chargerTxC0709-01Nov 12, 2018
4376GAZELABGAZEON for Car Autohold Wireless ChargerTxGAZE-AWFCNov 12, 2018
3884EggtronicEGGTX010 - Evaluation ModuleTxEGGTX010Nov 12, 2018
5094OCUBEcar wireless chargerTxO-C02Nov 9, 2018
5092AppleiPhone XS MaxRxA2102Nov 9, 2018
5091AppleiPhone XS MaxRxA2104Nov 9, 2018
5090AppleiPhone XS MaxRxA1921Nov 9, 2018
5089AppleiPhone XSRxA2097Nov 9, 2018
5088AppleiPhone XSRxA2098Nov 9, 2018
5087AppleiPhone XSRxA2100Nov 9, 2018
5078ADESSOQA-02 SGTxA12QNov 9, 2018
5077ADESSOQA-02 RGTxA12QNov 9, 2018
5074U-WAYQi Wireless Charging PadTxU05QT-7018Nov 9, 2018
5073HamaWireless ChargerTx183217Nov 9, 2018
5072HamaWireless ChargerTx178324Nov 9, 2018
5069EggtronicDual Wireless ChargerTxDPWH10Nov 9, 2018
5068EggtronicDual Wireless ChargerTxDPBK10Nov 9, 2018
5059tzumiLED table lampTx5356Nov 9, 2018
5007PHILIPSWireless ChargerTxDLP9055GNov 9, 2018
4915Wireless TechnologySMARTPHONE WIRELESS CHARGERTx09AP036120Nov 9, 2018
4891VIDAWrieless ChargerTxVPP35Nov 9, 2018
4879BrandNPwireless charger PCBATxQX210PCBANov 9, 2018
4819NonstopWireless Charging PadTxStation WNov 9, 2018
4786GUANYAWireless charging moduleTxGY-0510Nov 9, 2018
4715WilitA11QTxA11QNov 9, 2018
4678AudiologyWireless ChargerTxEOO-WQI2-BLKNov 9, 2018
4651ADAM elementsOMNIA Q1 Wireless Charging PadTxOMNIA Q1  Nov 9, 2018

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