How can I join as Small Business?

'Small Business membership is a variant of associate membership with a reduced membership fee. 

The procedure for joing the consortium is:

Step 1: download the Wireless Power Consortium Agreement and decide whether your company agrees with the terms of this agreement.

Step 2: fill in Annex C (associate membership for a small business), and have it signed by someone authorized to sign on behalf of your company. Here is the form:

Annex C - application form for a small business (less than 10,000,000 USD annual revenues)

中国公司请使用中国公司的申请表 Annex C - application form for a small Chinese company

Step 3: Send two paper copies with original signatures, by courier service, to

The Wireless Power Consortium
c/o IEEE-ISTO, attn. Rosalinda F. Saravia
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Tel: +1-732-465-5843

Step 4: The Steering Group of the consortium decides the the approval of the membership application. This usually takes about two weeks for associate membership.

Step 5: The administrator will countersign the membership application, provided it is correctly filled in, and return one of the paper copies with original signatures. You are now a member of the Wireless Power Consortium.

Step 6: The financial administrator of the WPC, IEEE-ISTO, will send you an invoice for one year membership fee. Please pay the invoice on time, otherwise your membership benefits will be suspended.

Month of joining the WPC small business* Covers Membership until
January US$ 5000 December
February US$ 4583 December
March US$ 4167 December
April US$ 3750 December
May US$ 3333 December
June US$ 2917 December
July US$ 7500 December next year
August US$ 7083 December next year
September US$ 6667 December next year
October US$ 6250 December next year
November US$ 5833 December next year
December US$ 5417 December next year

*) A company that joins as small business must pay US$ 5000 per year. The invoice will be pro-rated, depending on the month of joining the WPC. When the prorated fee is US$ 2500 or less, the next year will also be invoiced.

**) Small business members pay a registration fee of $2,500 per product registered in the product database. One free product registration per year is included in the US$ 5000 membership fee.

Financial policy of the WPC

Payment terms and consequences of non-payment are set out in the WPC's financial administration policy.

Note that companies that terminate their membership and re-join need to pay the full annual membership fee. Pro-rating is not applicable when re-joining.