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How can I join the WPC?

You have submittted a membership application

The procedure for joining the consortium is:

Step 1: download the Wireless Power Consortium Agreement and decide whether your company agrees with the terms of this agreement.

Step 2: You have completed the online Membership Application Form

The next steps are:

Step 3: You will receive an email to confirm that we received the application. You should receive that email within 1 hour. Please submit the application again and make sure you fill in the correct email address if you don;t receive that confiormation email. Or contact us.

Upon receipt of the membership application, the WPC Administration team will send you an email with the request to sign the  Membership Agreement via DocuSign.

Step 4: You will receive an email from DocuSign (docusign.net) with a link to your company's membership agreement.

Step 5: Click on the link in the email from DocuSign and fill in your membership agreement. You can sign when all fields are filled in.

Step 6: The WPC Administration team will send you an invoice for the membership fee.

Step 7: Pay the invoice

Step 8: The WPC will activate your membership after we receive the membership payment.

New members receive an invoice for membership until December 31. The first year membership fee depends on the month of joining the Wireless Power Consortium. All amounts are in US$.

New members (Regular, Full and Associate) joining 1 October will be invoiced the Q4 fees and the subsequent year annual fee.

Month of joining the WPC small busines members associate members full members regular members
January 5000 15,000 20,000 25,000
February 4583 13,750 18,333 22,917
March 4167 12,500 16,667 20,833
April 3750 11,250 15,000 18,750
May 3333 10,000 13,333 16,667
June 2917 8,750 11,667 14,583
July 7500* 7,500 10,000 12,500
August 7083* 6,250 8,333 10,417
September 6667* 5,000 6,667 8,333
October 6250* 18,750* 25,000* 31,250*
November 5833* 17,500* 23,333* 29,167*
December 5417* 16,250* 21,667* 27,083*

{*} Includes membership fee for next year - until 31 December the next year.

Financial policy of the WPC

Payment terms and consequences of non-payment are set out in the WPC's financial administration policy.

Note that companies that terminate their membership and re-join need to pay the full annual membership fee. Pro-rating is not applicable when re-joining.