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Global Wireless Power Survey

View the results of 2,000 consumers from U.S., Europe and Asia regions on their perceptions, interest and experiences with wireless charging.

Wireless charging is in demand

Consumers say wireless charging is the must-have feature for smartphones and there is significant value of using wireless chargers wherever they live, work and travel.

A recent global survey conducted by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) revealed the significant value consumers place on wireless charging, indicating a high degree of satisfaction with available products and the near-term potential for faster consumer adoption. 

WPC surveyed 2,000 consumers1 from U.S., Europe and Asia regions to gauge their perceptions, interest and experiences with wireless charging. Qi (pronounced “chee”) is the prevailing global standard and the only pervasive wireless power technology already designed into the vast majority of smartphones, automobiles, furniture, laptops, power tools and countless accessories (Android and iPhone covers and wireless charging pads and stands).

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Join the Wireless Power Consortium

The detailed survey results will be made available to all WPC members. This is just one of the many benefits of WPC membership. Other benefits include:

  • Early access to draft specifications.
  • See the status of change requests and problem reports, monitors their status and see the solution before everyone else.
  • Contribute your own transmitter designs to the Qi specification
  • Free interoperability testing as part of Qi product certification.

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The takeaways:

To use wireless charging is to love wireless charging

  • 90% of consumers who have used wireless charging are satisfied with the experience and performance of their products.
  • Home, at the office, while driving and at hotels are the most desirable places to remain charged.
  • 29% of the consumers surveyed were iPhone users and a third of which are current users of wireless charging.

Wireless charging has a high purchase intent

  • More than 9 in 10 consumers who have not used wireless charging view it as appealing, with 79% of them expressing intent to purchase a wireless charging product in the near future.
  • Almost half of current users of wireless charging purchased more than one additional wireless charging accessory in the last three months.
  • With nearly 80% already familiar with wireless charging, the WPC believes that adoption will continue to increase.

Awareness is growing rapidly among consumers

  • 89% of respondents have heard of wireless charging, but only 30% of consumers are familiar with how it actually works.
  • After using wireless charging, consumers reported positive experiences with a) ease of use, b) safety, c) convenience, d) reliability and e) fast-charging capability.
  • Having the ability to use wireless charging in cars was ranked equally as important as having it by a consumer’s bedside or in a living room (tied for first).

Other Key Findings:

Cure for battery anxiety

  • 36% of consumers reported experiencing battery anxiety at least once a day or more (nearly 60% have it 3 to 4 times a week).  Of the entire panel, 69% believe having access to a wireless charging accessory would decrease their battery anxiety level. 

Strong Performance

  • Global consumers feel that wireless charging devices generally perform well, are easy to use and offer significant benefits, though there is still an opportunity to communicate more of the value proposition.

Undeniable pent-up demand

  • More than three fourths of consumers report they would use wireless chargers if they were built into their device, though concerns about security and safety will have to be addressed.
  • Among consumers who have not used wireless charging devices, more than 9 in 10 find it appealing.

Purchases trending up

  • More than 75% of consumers who have not used wireless recharging products before are likely to purchase a wireless charging product in the future.
  • Among consumers who have experience using wireless charging accessories, more than half own one accessory and an additional 35% own two. This suggests that once consumers experience wireless charging, they’re more likely to purchase products because they can charge wherever they need it most – at home, office and on the go.
  • Most purchases of wireless charging products have occurred in the past 3 months – and those who have experienced and use wireless charging regularly show a higher likelihood of buying additional devices.

Wireless Charging is Qi Wireless Charging

This survey reinforces why top brands -- from BMW to Toyota, from IKEA to Verizon Wireless, Samsung to LG -- have chosen to include Qi wireless charging in their products or at places where people need to remain always charged.

There are now more than 60 models of cars, 4,000 public locations (including McDonald’s in Europe, Starbucks in Germany), 80 models of smartphones and 900+ certified and tested wireless charging accessories (for iPhone and Android) now available.

1 - Source: Toluna Research, December 2016