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Aircharge brings Qi wireless charging to public spaces

Key benefits:

  • Qi standard in public places eliminates the “search for AC”
  • Wireless charging pad built on Qi standard makes charging easy
  • Widespread adoption of Qi ensures compatibility

Based in the United Kingdom, Aircharge is a leading maker of wireless charging solutions used in public spaces like airports and office buildings.

The company’s products include a wireless surface charger, a wireless charging valet tray and wireless charging task lighting. Previously, the company relied on proprietary technology for their wireless charging products.

Aircharge is now a member of the Wireless Power Consortium, and all of their products use the Qi wireless charging standard because it offers a global solution already in use by many leading technology companies, said Timo Kauhanen of Aircharge.

And no matter the setting, Qi also delivers what customers really want in a wireless charging solution – clutter-free simplicity, Kauhanen said.

“Every device seems to have its own special charger these days,” he said. “So having a universal standard like Qi alleviates the need for different chargers. And that means no more cable spaghetti and no empty batteries.”

Because Qi wireless charging is already supported in millions of devices, the global ecosystem for Qi is looking stronger each day.

For more information about Aircharge, visit http://www.air-charge.com/home