Product testing, registration, and spec versions

Product testing

Last updated: Friday, 6-January-2017 08:44GMT

Before Qi logo can be used on a product, that product's compliance with the Qi specification must be verified by an authorized test lab. We work closely with our test labs to ensure interoperability and backward-compatibility. If you see the Qi logo on a product, you know that it will work with any other Qi device, regardless of manufacturer.

The test labs authorized by the Wireless Power Consortium for testing Qi products are:

A test lab can become a Authorized Test Lab (ATL) by following an authorization procedure.

Product registration in the registered product database

Products must be registered on the website as condition for use of the Qi logo. The registered products, licensed to use the Qi logo, can be found in the registered products database

Registration of products is available only to members of the Wireless Power Consortium. More information about the services is available in the member's area of this website.

Authorized test labs use the latest version of the Qi specification - Grace periods

The authorized test labs will test products against the latest version of the specification. New products must comply with the latest version of the specification. When a new version of the specification is released, the WPC specifies the so-called 'grace period' during which testing against the older version is still allowed.

The latest Qi specification is version 1.2.2. With few exceptions, the manufacture and sales of version 1.0.3 products is no longer permitted.

Common questions and answers about the different versions of the Qi specification

Q. I have developed a Qi Transmitter that is designed to version 1.0.3 of the specification. Can I still get this product certified?

A: No, you cannot (unless the product falls under an special exemption.)

Q: I have developed a Qi Transmitter that is designed to version 1.1.2 of the specification. Can I still get this product registered?

A: No, not as a 1.1.2 product (unless the product falls under an special exemption.) Note the difference between the 1.1.2 specification and the 1.2.1 specification is small. Most 1.1.2 Tx products will meet the 1.2.1 requirements without modification, so you can probbaly register the product as a 1.2.1 product.

Q: As automotive supplier, I have a contractual obligation to supply v1.0.3 certified chargers to a car company for at least 5 years. Can I fulfill my contractual obligations under the WPC Grace Period rules?

A: Service parts can be supplied indefinitely. For complete chargers, you need to request extension of the Grace Period for your product.

Q: My product was tested and registered according to version 1.2.0. Can I keep selling my product even though there is now a version 1.2.1?

A: Yes. The changes between version 1.2.0 and 1.2.1 are so small that 1.2.0 products can be assumed compliant with version 1.2.1.

Q: Are version 1.2.1 products backwards compatible with version 1.1.2  products?

Yes. All Qi products are backwards compatible, independent of the version number.