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Medium Power Wireless Charging (30-200 W)

The Wireless Power Consortium is developing an extension of the Qi specification that will be able to support an array of battery-powered products operating in the 30 to 65-watt range (and eventually up to 200 watts).

This Medium Power Specification will power an exciting new array of cord-free consumer products and applications, including domestic
vacuum and lawn mowing robots, portable power tools, electronic bikes, robots and drones, medical devices and so much more.

This white paper explores the compelling case to develop a new Medium Power wireless charging standard. It delivers a road map
to create a well-partitioned, safe, extendable and truly open Medium Power standard — built on core value propositions such as low-cost, high efficiency and implementation ease.

The target applications are:

  • Laptops
  • Power Tools
  • Garden Tools
  • Home Appliances
  • Industrial Applications
  • Medical Applications
  • Tablets
  • eBikes
  • ....