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Hospitality Industry Sees the Value of Qi Wireless Charging

It’s happened to everyone. You reach the restaurant, bus stop, hotel or aiport gate just as your phone battery is on its last leg. Panic sets in. We call that feeling battery anxiety.

The WPC is working to eliminate that battery anxiety, and earlier this week, Marriott installed Qi-compatible charging stations by Kube Systems in its newly redesigned great room lobbies in 29 U.S. hotel locations, making our goal one step closer to becoming a reality.

This rollout is important for wireless charging because it signals the adoption by the hospitality industry, a move that will help drive other hoteliers and restaurateurs to follow in their footsteps. Marriott recognized the value that wireless charging brings its guests and jumped on the opportunity to differentiate its brand with innovative technology.  Marriott technologists worked with Kube Systems to fine-tune the design and they chose Qi because it is the leading and most widely adopted standard.

Wireless charging in hotel environments not only opens the door to unique services only Qi can enable, but also a personalized in-room experience, simplified check-in and marketing for hotel customers. This is a big milestone and a sign of more to come.

With the rollout of Qi in hotels, soon your entire travel experience could be supported by wireless charging, from the bed-side charger, to the car, to the airport, and now to the hotel. With the implementation of wireless charging spots at every touch point in your life and travel, the fear of battery anxiety will be a forgotten worry, since your battery will always be full.

See Marriott’s press release that announces the deployment of Kube Systems and Qi wireless charging here: http://news.marriott.com/2014/10/dont-get-tied-down-by-your-phone-or-tablet-power-cord-marriott-hotels-debuts-wireless-charging-in-gr.html


Hospitality Industry Sees the Value of Qi Wireless Charging

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