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Wow! A true free-positioning 5-phone charger

Last week I could use ConvenientPower's WoW5 charger for the first time. Wow indeed!

This is the first product I have seen that convinces as free-positioning multi-device charger. You can place the phone anywhere on the surface ("Just toss it on the charger"), and fill the surface completely with phones. 

You can place the phones anywhere on the surface. It is very easy to use.

This is the type of product that I see used in a living room - collecting phones, cameras and remote controls. One charger to charge them all.

The design makes a statement too. No bland white or black design that makes you think the designer tried to let the product blend into its environment. No, a bold statement with clear Chinese influence. It shows the increasing confidence of Chinese industrial designers, and the importance of the Chinese market for high-end products.


Wow! A true free-positioning 5-phone charger