Testlab 7Layers joins WPC

We asked 7Layers why they joined the Wireless Power Consortium and how they see the future of wireless battery charging.

1. Why did your company choose to join the Wireless Power Consortium?

7 Layers is a global test house for wireless mobile communication based on 3GPP. As a leader in the industry, we’re committed to the continuous improvement of wireless connectivity and increased usage of mobile communications. In order to maintain our leadership role, and soon achieve the position of ATL (Authorized Test Laboratory), we became interested in extending our business scope to offer the latest wireless charging technologies.

So, we joined the Wireless Power Consortium to support the Qi wireless charging standard.  With its open and flexible platform, the Qi solution continues to gain mass market adoption across the globe, offering 7 Layers the opportunity to provide our clients with the smartest services and solutions.

2. What do you see in the future of wireless power and where do you see the industry headed?

We are confident that wireless power technologies will achieve mainstream adoption and become embedded into everyday places.  Consumers want to be able to charge their mobile devices at ease wherever they go, without the hassle of cords and wires.

Qi wireless charging has the potential to simplify people’s lives, and bring convenience to the way the charge their devices.

3. Why do you believe that wireless power is important?  How do you think your customers, or consumers in general, will benefit from wireless charging?

Wireless power charging makes life easier for consumers – almost without them even realizing it.  That is the whole point of technology isn’t it?  Making life better, easier without disrupting our routines; it’s what people want.


Testlab 7Layers joins WPC