Thoughts of a new member

Hansol Technics is a supplier of power electronics components, based in Korea.

1. Why did your company choose to join the Wireless Power Consortium?

Hansol Technics joined the Wireless Power Consortium to share in and further the knowledge about wireless power because we believe that the WPC is leading the market with its advanced technology. We’re eagerly looking forward to joining the mainstream of next generation technology with our WPC membership. We anticipate outstanding growth attributed to both advanced technology and an enhanced standard of living for those using our technology.

2. What do you see in the future of wireless power and where do you see the industry headed?

We see wireless power as a new and ever-evolving industry as there is a significant amount of potential and vision in this field.  We believe the standard of living will improve as wireless charging becomes ubiquitous and embedded into everyday places. Consumers will soon have the ability to charge their devices at home, at the office, or on the go without the hassle of cords and wires. The wireless power industry will continue to evolve and gain traction in the marketplace. We believe wireless power will move from the home appliance industry to public places including the automobile, furniture, and infrastructure industries.

3. What announcements, if any, will you be making in the near future?

We are planning to launch a wireless smartphone charger in the near future. Our products will be released next January 2013. Our first wireless charger coming in January 2013. We  are going to develop wireless chargers for automobile use and tablet PCs of which demand continues to rise steadily. We will also pioneer the new wireless charging technologies through constant innovation and rich ideas that can come true in near future.

4. Tell us what Qi compatible products your company has on the market – or plans to bring to market in the future.

Currently, we are developing the technology for our products that is compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard such as a wireless smartphone charger for homes, offices, automobiles, and any other relevant industries that use wireless power.

5.  Why do you believe that wireless power is important?  How do you think your customers, or consumers in general, will benefit from wireless charging?

The wireless power industry has grown into what manufacturers and consumers are looking for. We think our customers, and consumers in general, benefit from wireless charging by experiencing an easy and flexible way to keep their mobile devices powered up in a compatible and clutter-free environment. 

As wireless charging continues to expand and gain mass market adoption, Qi has great potential to provide users with a convenient and interoperable wireless charging ecosystem.


Thoughts of a new member