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Wireless Power to Become the Next Addition to the Smart Kitchen

Wireless power recently transformed the smartphone industry, and now it’s about to become the main ingredient for smarter, more convenient kitchens. The kitchen is the centerpiece of living spaces. It’s a place where friends and family gather to break bread and enjoy community. While it’s a functional space, it’s also a place that deserves to be beautiful.

In a world where people seek ease and simplicity first, the cordless kitchen promises to revolutionize the culinary experience, from food preparation to cleaning.

Soon, wireless power surfaces will be in every room of the house, including the kitchen. Convenient and space-efficient, these wireless power “hot spots” can be installed in multiple locations – on a countertop or even the kitchen table. The combination of cooking, preparation and consumption on the same surface could be a significant advantage for small kitchens. 

The Wireless Power Consortium and its members want to bring proven, safe wireless power to the smart kitchen. The WPC’s Kitchen Working Group is developing the standard for the cordless kitchen to universally define specifications of an interface between cordless kitchen appliances and inductive power sources for powering these appliances.

Imagine a future where a power transmitter installed in a kitchen table could change the kitchen table from just a place to eat to a place for more communal cooking. With no wires in the way, kids and parents can work together to prepare and eat the family meal without having to leave the table.

Alternatively, imagine a small apartment in a major city like New York, London or Beijing, where space is always at a premium. With power transmitters built directly into the countertops, the same space can be used to power a coffee pot, rice cooker or food processor, as well as heat up an electric pan. When mealtime is over, the appliances can quickly be stowed away and the countertop can be simply wiped clean, leaving the space free for other uses.

In addition to convenience, smart cookware can bring a new dimension of intelligence to devices, allowing for more precise or remote temperature and time control. Cooks can use those same features to follow recipes more precisely – no more wondering just how hot “medium high heat” really is. 

Wireless charging “hot spots” can be installed in multiple locations – on a countertop or even the kitchen table.

It’s too early to say when wireless kitchens will go mainstream. We do know that when wirelessly powered kitchen appliances, cooktops and countertops eventually hit the market, they will share one very important thing in common: the same open, robust and safe standard from the WPC.

To see this cordless kitchen in action, please join the WPC and members at the Smart Kitchen Summit on October 8-9. You can see this technology first-hand at our booth, located in the Recital Hall Lobby in Benaroya Hall, or check out our special demonstration and workshop on Tuesday, October 9 at 11 am in the Founder’s Room.

Wireless Power to Become the Next Addition to the Smart Kitchen

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