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Qi - inspiration for innovation


The 100 members of the Wireless Power Consortium are competing in all parts of the value chain, from IC design to providing certification services.

Competition between the members is driving investments in R&D. To survive you have to innovate.

The eco system build around the Qi specification drives innovation in 3 ways:

  1. Guaranteed interoperability makes it possible to introduce new types of wireless chargers without risk. Customers will understand that is works when the product has the Qi logo.
  2. The Qi specification allows for product differentiation. Designers of wireless chargers have freedom to do whatever their application needs, as long as charger is compatible with all Qi receivers.
  3. The consortium agreement between the members of the Wireless Power Consortium makes sure that all members have access to each others essential patents.

Read more about it in yesterday's presentation at the wireless power summit.



Qi - inspiration for innovation