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Apple Chooses Qi Wireless Charging Standard for new iPhones

Image source: Apple

“Today marks a pivotal day for wireless charging, and those that stand to benefit are consumers. With Apple’s announcement to include Qi wireless charging in the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, we expect to see rapid acceleration in consumer adoption and an increase in category innovation. We’re closer to the day of ubiquitous access to wireless charging, giving people a convenient, always-charged experience.

Image source: The Verge

When you have Qi wireless charging at home, in your car, at work or on the go, you can have confidence and never have to worry about a dead battery. The hassle of carrying cords and trying to find an outlet wherever you go is a thing of the past.

Already installed in thousands of public locations worldwide, Qi wireless charging will become pervasive so people can have wireless charging wherever they go- in hotels, airports, travel lounges, restaurants, coffee shops, businesses, stadiums and other public places. To date, more than 90 smartphones are Qi-enabled from top handset manufacturers, included in nearly 80 car models and supported by over 230 member companies in 23 countries.”

-Paul Golden, VP Market Development of the Wireless Power Consortium

Watch the announcement on YouTube:



Thank you for your hard work! :)
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Hi, I'm just wondering whether you have some information if iPhones will use induction, resonant or both solutions. Do you have this information? Thanks
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The iPhones use the Qi standard and all possibilities available in the standard.
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Apple Chooses Qi Wireless Charging Standard for new iPhones