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The Importance of Qi-Certification

In early May, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) held a meeting for members in addition to a tradeshow and Qi developer forum that were open to the public in Shenzhen for the first time. With more than 400 global experts attending, the event was the perfect opportunity to be in the same room as some of the biggest names in the industry.

The developer forum attracted more than 500 company representatives from all different industries. During the forum, the WPC invited pioneer members to give presentations and speak to the newest technology, working theories, product development experience, Qi certification and how to apply the technology to products.

The forum helped educate attendees on the WPC and Qi in addition to allowing them the chance to exchange experiences and opinions with representatives from different companies and industries. Shenzhen is home to many innovative technology companies who attended the conference and forum. In the surrounding areas, the Zhujiang delta region, there are many mobile device and consumer electronics manufacturers as well that are interested in new technologies and trends such as wireless charging.

On behalf of U-Way Corporation, I was able to share my experience in Qi Product certification. This topic received a lot of interest. As a leader in this space, U-Way has been one of the pioneer members of the WPC for more than six years and has successfully certified more than 300 products. From U-Way’s experience, I was able to share the registration process and key points for Qi Certification. Committing to the certification process and following these steps (below) will help many entrepreneurs avoid wasting time and money, and ease the process of certification.

Why you should certify a product:

  • Qi Certified products have been tested for compatibility and safety
  • The Qi logo is the sign of compatibility & safety

How to recognize a Qi Certified product

  • By the Qi logo on the product and by checking the Qi certified product database
  • By the Qi Certificate of Registration. Certificate is valid when the URL shows a picture of the same product
  • By searching in the Qi Certified Product Database. Not found? Not Certified!

Not everyone can certify a product

  • Only companies that are members of the WPC
    • Product is removed from the Qi Certified Product Database when the owner withdraws from the WPC
  • Only companies that signed the Qi Logo License Agreement
    • The Qi logo is a registered trademark.

The Product Certification Procedure

  • Step 1 : Manufacturer filling in an on-line form with product’s information
  • Step 2 : The Logo License Administrator (LLA) verify data
  • Step 3 : Test by an Authorized Test Lab
    • Using the test procedures described in Part 3 of the Qi Specification.
  • Step 4: Test by an Interoperability Test Lab
    • Verifies that the new product is compatible with all previously certified products.
  • Step5: The Logo License Administrator (LLA) finalizes product, and makes
    • The product visible in the product registration database

U-Way is vigorously developing Qi Certified wireless charging transmitters and receiving modules, while encouraging various industries to adopt wireless charging to create cross-border products. In the future --whether it be furniture and household appliances, audio speakers, automobiles, cameras and, medical imaging equipment and a range of other specialized industries --we will be able to easily use the Qi wireless charging standard through U-Way modules.

This event showed wireless power technology is stable and advancing in the midst of strong consumer demand for personal electronics. The time for wireless charging has come and will replace most of the wired cables we are currently using for smartphones and a diversity of other consumer electronics. We expect a wireless world in the near future and this definitely makes our lives easier and more comfortable.

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The Importance of Qi-Certification