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De’Longhi Group joins the Wireless Power Consortium

The Wireless Power Consortium has welcomed a new member recently: De’Longhi Group of Treviso, Italy. You may know the DeLonghi brand of coffee makers and air conditioners. But, they also own famous kitchen appliance brands such as Braun and Kenwood. You may wonder: what is a kitchen appliance company like Delonghi doing in the Wireless Power Consortium, home of Qi and wireless charging?

The answer can be found in an activity that the Wireless Power Consortium has been running since 2013: Wireless Power in Kitchens, or simply Cordless Kitchen.  A white paper on the subject was recently upgraded and can be found here. A number of WPC members (Haier, IKEA, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Würth and others) have been discussing the commercial requirements and technical proposals of Cordless Kitchen ever since in the so-called Kitchen Work Group. This has not only led to draft specifications (available to members) but also to demonstrations of working prototypes at tradeshows. These tradeshows are of course the WPC’s own trade shows but also CEATEC and CES. Cordless appliances have even starred on Japanese national TV. You could see cordless kitchen at the most recent trade show in London.

What strikes me each time we demonstrate Cordless Kitchen is the reaction of the audience. How is that possible!?! A blender, an airfryer, a water kettle work on a blank surface without a power cable? It’s magic! Not only magic, but also extremely convenient, tidy and clean! And safe as well as nothing gets hot to the touch as with conventional cooktops. Countless times I have heard the following question: “When can I buy this?”

De’Longhi Group has recognized we need a standard before we can launch such cordless kitchen products to the market. So they have decided to join the WPC Kitchen Work Group where they will help shape the specifications of the kitchen of the future: a kitchen without power cords.

Demonstration of Cordless Kitchen at CES 2015

De’Longhi Group joins the Wireless Power Consortium