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Starbucks & FluxPort Brew Up Qi Wireless Charging for Customers in Germany

At the WPC’s wireless power industry trade show this week in Munich, WPC member FluxPort announced that it has become Starbucks Germany’s wireless charging partner. With this collaboration, guests in three Munich Starbucks Coffee Houses can now wirelessly charge their smartphones while enjoying their coffee. Starbucks and FluxPort indicated in its announcement (English version here) this is the first step in the nationwide roll-out of the FluxPort wireless charging infrastructure.

FluxPorts—the Qi standard-based charging devices—are integrated into tables below the surface to create a seamless, smooth charging experience. By using FluxPort’s wireless charging products and solutions, Starbucks once again demonstrates their flair for innovation and mobile zeitgeist as they did back with their free Wi-Fi service in 2010.

For Starbucks customers who don’t already have a Qi-enabled smartphone, they can add it to their phones simply by using the Fluxy – a Qi receiver in the form of a small chip or case (Note: There are hundreds of Qi-equipped smartphone cases and accessories available today for purchase online and at retailers). In addition, external adapters – the Fluxy Drop Universals – can be borrowed directly at the Starbucks coffee houses where the FluxPorts are installed.

FluxPort has been successful installing Qi wireless charging spots in a number of other locations, such as the New York Bar & Grill Berlin, Mall of Berlin and the Hyatt Berlin. Click here to check them out.

Qi is now the way the world wirelessly charges their phone. Everyday Qi is being deployed for the first time or is replacing an obsolete standard that no longer offers a user benefit. Several examples were put in place recently when Starbucks in Germany deployed Qi wireless charging by FluxPort and McDonald’s in the US replaced PMA transmitters with Qi wireless charging by ChargeSpot.

This global standards-based technology is also now available in over 47 models of cars and in more than 4,000 public locations around the world. Qi transmitters comprise nearly 100 percent of the more than 50 million units sold.

Exciting new products and installations are advancing the Qi ecosystem each day, and the market’s momentum is now unstoppable. Marriott, and Hyatt, McDonald’s, and now also Starbucks’ deployments represent big steps toward helping consumers stay charged throughout their daily journey – while at home, in the car, at the office, while traveling and now at the most successful coffee retailers in the world. 

For more thoughts on how Qi has reached the tipping point, read this post.

Starbucks & FluxPort Brew Up Qi Wireless Charging for Customers in Germany